Digital Marketing: Here Is The Ultimate Secret Skills For Success

Digital Marketing Agency

 What is a Digital Marketing Agency?

 We live in an era when the Internet has taken over. Our day begins on the internet and ends on the internet. Therefore, it is  normal for companies to focus on digital marketing, not traditional above-the-line (ATL) and under-the-line (BTL) marketing.

 With the development of the digital world, the approach to B2B (business-to-business) has changed.

 Digital marketing has evolved with the rest of the world. If you bury

 heads in the sand and pretend that digital marketing doesn’t exist, you won’t get big results.

 There is currently no better alternative to digital marketing to reach more customers and partner with more companies.

 We don’t just admire digital marketing.

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The Relentless Pursuit of Online Visibility & Growth

Through our Agency analysis and consulting, we design and execute high-impact SEO strategies to create growth and online visibility in your company and or, Business.










The Rules We Follow

First, let’s clarify what we are doing. We do not work for you. 

At  360 Marketing Lens, we believe in partnership. We are experts in our work, and so are our partners. To be successful in a long-term partnership, you need some basic rules.

 We will only cooperate if you follow the basic rules we have set. If you hesitate, you can find another company to work with. Without exception. Our partner is a proud entrepreneur. And we take pride in being a business solution provider. You didn’t get here by chance. You are looking for a digital marketing service and  industry leader. Thank you for the initiative. Now let’s get you involved in  our work ethic and give back. As a company,

 360 MARKETING LENS believes in absolute professionalism. Success is relative, but partnerships are permanent. We value valuable partnerships with companies above all else. We have evidence that we are working hard, and our efforts are always rewarded. Furthermore, we have all the secret weapons to win every battle we fight for our clients.

 It’s important to connect with your viewers, not just focus on sales. Dominating the market and keeping an eye on long-term success are the qualities we seek from our partners.

 360 Marketing Lens loves challenges and is ready to compete with all other digital marketing services.

What SEO Opportunities Are You Missing?

Do You Know What it will Take you to Rank Higher?

See If Your Business Qualifies To Work With 360 Marketing Lens

Over the past few years, we have created apps that inspire, motivate, brand awareness and increase productivity for business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals around the world. But we realized that we couldn’t help everyone. And the truth is that not everyone is our heavenly partner. Therefore, we accept new clients only after an extensive screening process that helps us determine if they are appropriate.

Not everything is about us

From what we’ve read so far, we may have the impression that we are a group of narcissistic people, but that’s not true.

 As  already mentioned, we value partnership above all else. A partnership cannot be formed without the contributions of both parties. We are the leaders of our work.

 You found us when you were looking for the best digital marketing. You also need to help your customers  find your business quickly. To achieve this goal, you need to focus on building lasting relationships with your customers, rather than constantly trying to sell your products and services.

 The advantage of this is that  customers don’t see you as a salesman who only cares about sales.

 You have to do something to make them believe that you care about them. Digital marketing is  the most effective and efficient way to do this.

 There are  many other important things in life besides money.

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Be one step ahead of the competition

If you think digital marketing is easier than traditional marketing, you are faced with a big surprise. Only experts know how much work is needed to get the most out of digital marketing. To be honest, if you want to survive in the game, you have to be miles ahead of your competitors.

We know the GAME. We know HOW TO GET FOR YOU. Furthermore, we did it for SCORES from other CUSTOMERS. We are PROUD of our achievements.
There is no way we know anything about your company. But we know you are reading this. Because you think you may need help to better attract your audience and help them get the services they need.
Since you started your business, we are proud to recognize the fact that we can help you make the impact you want. 
Get started with your business.

Digital Marketing Services is one of the most searched terms on the internet.
That means there are other companies like you who want to excel in this highly competitive modern business world. We can help you break the competition and be the best in what you do.
But you require a qualification to do this. We do not partner with anyone who requires our services. We need to know that you are completely confident in us. What should I do with?

It’s easy. We will evaluate your company and take the necessary steps. When it comes to digital marketing, there are some things we need to work on together.

The First Step - Defining the Audience

We can speak on behalf of the experts in digital marketing companies.
All renowned digital marketing professionals define and outline potential customers or target audiences before developing a strategy.
There is no doubt about the importance of finding the right audience in digital marketing.

You can use everything you want, but if you can’t find and target the right audience, it’s all in vain.
The process of defining the right audience involves some important questions that need to be answered. If so, we will find the answer for you.
What are your target markets looking for? What are your tastes? What are they afraid of when considering your service? What are your goals? What are their surfing habits? What is their thinking process in finding a solution to their problem?

Once you have the answers to these questions, start developing strategies and guidelines.

The Plan

It’s time to craft a custom digital marketing plan that aligns with your business effortlessly. In this process, we will consider every possibility of how to increase the visibility of your business.

Here is a brief rundown of the key points we consider with majority of our digital marketing campaigns

  • The Website: Your business website is usually the first point of contact between you and your customers. Having appropriate content on your website will give you a 434% boost on your search results.

  • Social Media Marketing: Social media is the largest platform where you can find al-most all of your audience, at the same place! Social media is very prominent in digital marketing and we will utilize it to the full extent possible.

  • Search Engine Optimization: Proper search engine optimization or better known as SEO is your best bet in creating relevant content for your audience, whether it is a niche or a wide range. 72% of business owners will agree that relevancy is the biggest factor in targeting the audience.

  • PPC Campaigns: PPC refers to Pay-Per-Click. It’s a unique form of advertising that allows you to target your exact audience according to consumer behavior.

  • Integrated marketing: Integration is an ideal way of getting the most from your marketing budget. Yes, a vast majority of people are online, but what about them who still prefer offline media like TV, radio, and newspapers?

Now that you have a rough idea about how we approach digital marketing, let us walk you through on how each module works.

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Start by making your website great!

In digital marketing, the most common mistake is to focus on social media and other marketing campaigns while neglecting the website. Remember, the website is the primary source of content and services for any business.

So, if we have the opportunity to work together in digital marketing, our priority will be to revamp your website.

Websites are no longer part of the business that you make, and let it rest in peace.

You should constantly update the features and change key metrics to keep ranking on the search engines.

Trends change faster than a hot-dog turns cold nowadays.

To understand the necessity of change and upgrade is crucial to stay ahead of the game. A lucrative website landing page is a good place to start.

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The Clear Secret Of Success: ​


For some reason, many digital marketing companies skip the SEO part of their business. Whether it’s social media advertising or website traffic, SEO is key. SEO is also known as search engine optimization. It uses the keywords and phrases needed to help your website rank better in search engines.

 When thinking about search engines, the first name that comes to mind is Google. The reason is clear. Google has created a place to search Google for any issues in our lives in our lives.

 What is important for a business website is Google’s search ranking.

 Google accounts for 90.1% of the search engine industry as a whole, so it’s important that your business ranks high on Google.

 Most of the time, top searches are paid promotions that can’t be beaten organically, but in the center of the first page there are some organic lists that have secured their position with smart SEO tactics.

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Become Social on Social Media

Let’s start with the importance of social media using some good old statistics. As of now, almost half of the global population uses social media of some sort.
64% of online shoppers state that they were convinced and redirected to the business website from a social media page.

There might be a misconception with certain marketers that social media has lost its edge, but that is not true at all. If anything, social media is the biggest platform where you can engage with your potential customer with minimal effort.

Social media is unbeatable in terms of content marketing and content promotion.

You can drive unlimited traffic towards your business website from the social media page. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram also allows you to target the audience cross-referenced to their geographical location! Isn’t that amazing?

Blog content is the sweet spot to utilize the full potential of social media. Blog content is usually swarming with SEO friendly keywords that will rank good on Google searches. Viewers click a link on a social media page to go to the landing page of the website.

Leverage Most PPC Campaigns

It is highly recommended to run a PPC campaign for your business. PPC stands for Pay Per Click. It’s a great way to spend your hard-earned money on something useful. PPC offers a huge reach and audience reach.
SEO and content marketing are generally free, but notorious media is not guaranteed. PPC campaigns, on the other hand, are a way to ensure you reach your desired audience by letting them know what you want to do as a business.

Marketing Integration

This is one of the optional marketing approaches we recommend, but it’s entirely up to you to implement it. Integration into digital marketing means taking advantage of both.

Here we mean both digital and analog media.

The statistics we present show that the vast majority of people are found online, but the integration is for those who haven’t yet. Analog media represents television, radio, print media, or newspapers.

Don’t get me wrong, we are telling you to spend a fortune on TV ads and press releases.

Suggests only a minimal presence to direct your offline audience online. For example, printing the information needed for a popular newspaper in a small print can SIGNIFICANTLY increase traffic to your website.

360 Marketing Lens Legacy

360 Marketing Lens has served thousands of clients. Digital marketing is our domain.
We are the best in our work.
Over the years, we’ve seen the best and worst scenarios.
You may have had a bad experience with some digital marketing companies, but don’t compare us to them.
We DO NOT work with anyone who’s not looking for our service.
We will only WORK with you if you DEEM it appropriate.
This is one of the reasons we believe in partnerships, not contracts. Your business means something to us. Our time is precious to us, and your time is also precious.
We TEST our achievements by committing to your project.
It’s a WAR there. We FIGHT it and WIN it for you the way we think it is appropriate. You can consult an expert at
(+254) 722 598909/746 801 223/101 239 955 to see if your business is ELIGIBLE to work with us.
We work to make your business great again!

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