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“Recovery from addiction can be a challenging process as it takes constant patience and maintenance. Some experience addiction triggers, and even relapse. Even if you fall off track and regret your mistakes, it doesn’t mean your journey is over. Living an addiction-free life is possible and worth it!”.
Brittany Burgunder
Recovering Addicts

How We Improve Your Addiction Treatment Center Marketing

We’re highly experienced professionals when it comes to SEO for addiction treatment centers. If your facility isn’t getting steady web traffic or conversions, you need a tried and true full-service digital addiction treatment center marketing agency. At Dreamscape Marketing, we don’t make promises: We deliver results.

Drug Rehab Marketing & Addiction Treatment SEO

Holistic Growth Strategies

Why Addiction Treatment Clients Trust 360 Marketing Lens

We’re Experts In The Addiction Treatment Arena

We’re intimately familiar with the ins and outs of performance marketing for multi-location addiction treatment facilities — and our results speak for themselves.


We Break Through Growth Plateaus

We ignite ambitious growth with proven tactics to help you scale your addiction treatment center to new heights.


We’re Performance Marketing Experts

And we’re performance-driven to boot. We don’t let growth stop at “good enough”—we aim to exceed performance targets, every time.


We’re A Patient-Generating Machine

We’ve helped addiction treatment and rehabilitation facilities crush their goals with proven patient generation tactics.


We Help:

Mental Health Centers
Behavioral Health Centers
Behavioral Health Centers
Luxury Rehab Centers
Luxury Rehab Centers
Residential Rehab Centers
Residential Rehab Centers
Outpatient Treatment Centers
Residential Rehab Centers
Detox Centers
Detox Centers
Psychiatry Centers

To improve

Your First Impression


There’s never a second chance for a first impression, so it’s critical that anyone seeking your mental health or addiction treatment services is being met by a clean, easy to navigate, conversion-focused design, coupled with valuable content. 360 Marketing Lens has a proven track record of a minimum 30% increase in targeted search traffic and associated conversions within the first 45 days from site launch/relaunch, with some of our clients seeing over a 300% increase within 90 days.

Reaching Clients


Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most cost-effective way of garnering targeting traffic and potential admits to your rehab center. Exhaustive keyword research, content optimization, backlink optimization, and Google Business Profile Optimization, are all critical parts of treatment center marketing and are proven to provide anywhere from 2-5+ admits per month which is what our organic SEO campaigns typically provide

Targeting Ads


Behavioral health and addiction treatment centers looking to promote their brand through PPC the likes of Google and Facebook know there’s no limit to the exposure and admit potential other than what their monthly budget can afford. Let us help you define, execute, and refine your Google Ads and Facebook PPC campaigns to maximize your return on treatment center marketing dollars and show you why our clients almost always up their monthly spend in 30-45 days from campaign start date based on realized ROI.

Social Advocacy


Social Media Marketing is a critical part of the digital marketing equation. It’s at Facebook where people share, comment and like posts and where your center or practice can make a solid impression with your audience. It’s at LinkedIn where your practice can establish itself as an authority by writing and posting valuable insights, news, opinions, etc., for potential partners to engage with your brand and its content. 360 Marketing Lens knows what channels work best for behavioral health professionals and addiction treatment centers and what content works best for each, so let us take the guesswork out of your social strategy and amplify your brand and potential admits from your social efforts.

Generating & Re-Generating Leads


Your center is acquiring leads all the time, and with those leads come email addresses of those seeking treatment options or organizations looking for referral partners. Are you segmenting these lists and strategically emailing them with relevant information and calls-to-action? Here at 360 Marketing Lens, we know what resonates with potential patients and partners, so let us help shape your email marketing strategy to maximize this oftentimes overlooked marketing channel.

Result In

More Clicks
More Calls
More Leads
More Admits
Overall Progress


Top placement in organic search results for your treatment center.

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Target your audience, so it’s easy to analyze and improve results.


Strategic messaging and advertising to truly be effective.


Conversion-focused content to help you reach a larger audience and generate enrollments.
lead to recovery web design icon


Make a meaningful first impression to help visitors feel confident you can help them.


Top placement in organic search results for your treatment center.

What are Addiction Treatment challenges?

This is an industry we are familiar with. Currently, all behavioral medical institutions are exposed to such stresses, laws and regulations. Operating without a new business and marketing strategy can be very difficult. Insurance companies have noticed that they are paying large amounts to hospitals and treatment centers. Now they are delaying payments, they check, they aren’t paying PHP as much as they used to be. In addition, the industry has undergone a major shift from off-network to on-network, with changes in IOP and drug treatment. 

And it only scratches the surface. 

To be honest, we don’t work with companies that don’t know how to deal with the constant change in the industry. When treatment centers are in financial difficulty, the first thing they do is cut off or cut off all marketing activities. 

Don’t waste your time. 

We can provide answers and solutions to help our partners navigate the industry and markets. In other words, we want to make money for them. However, if you don’t pay attention to KPIs, you can’t ring the phone to fill the bed. Employees, on the other hand, don’t know how to fully collect KPIs, leaving 20% to 30% of their revenue on the table.

We had been approached via way of means of facilities with big budgets, however we’ve had to mention no to them due to their vulnerable sales cycle technique management, and their unrealistic technique to drug rehab advertising. Most of them are lengthy long gone now, eaten via way of means of smarter competition like us. 

We cope with all the advertising desires via way of means of jogging a smooth, easy and WORKING Drug Rehab search engine marketing campaigns that speaks in sales extra than phrases should describe. But we want our companions to recognize that for this to manifest they need to allow us to the specialists with a honestly big music report with inside the area of interest to put on the duty gloves and allow you to the enterprise proprietor an intensive as soon as in a lifestyles time examine how we’re all approximately the lowest line, we’re now no longer losing time with folks who could have monetary issues down the road. 

You don’t even recognize what you put money into maximum of the time in relation to your drug rehab advertising and search engine marketing efforts, all a massive blur of nothingness, but you preserve on spending loads of heaps of bucks each month and STILL trailing, lagging, limping WAY at the back of in relation to regions like search engine marketing, Media, PPC, CRM, billing & utilization, EMR, alumni programs, coverage contracts, name tracking, and sales lifecycle management. That’s a HUGE no-no for us. 

Don’t even attempt to disguise your issues from us. Everyone is aware of EVERYONE’s issues with inside the rehab industry, the most effective distinction is that we’re 10 mild years beforehand already in all the ones factors and are ALREADY making tens of thousands and thousands from it.
Just such as you ran into us while looking for a nearby search engine marketing agency close to you or this carrier in whichever variation, your capability clients looking for the offerings you provide have to be locating you inside seconds. But, WHY SHOULD THEY PICK YOU? Who are you?

the challenges


Download The Definitive Marketing Guide to Full Admissions

Perhaps you’re just opening up a new center and looking to establish your brand identity. Or maybe you have an established center and are looking for a comprehensive way to promote your facility.


Take the Guesswork Out of

Addiction Treatment Center Marketing

Only hire third-degree black belts in the art of digital marketing — that’s us

Society used to take a strident view of issues like mental health disorders, drug addiction, gambling, sex addiction, and other so-called process addictions. 

However, we now have a clearer understanding of the link between mental health issues and unhealthy compulsive habits. It’s clear that people who can’t control unwanted behaviors require support and specialty care to help them overcome their inner struggles and lead happy, healthy lives.

At 360 Marketing Lens, our mental health and drug rehab marketing helps professionals like psychotherapists, psychologists, addiction treatment centers, eating disorder specialists, and detox clinics reach new patients to get them the help they need.

While some mental health problems are a result of brain chemistry, genetics and environment, behavioral health problems are caused by maladaptive habits. Disordered behavior can cause mental health issues, and people who struggle with mental illness are more likely to develop habits that negatively impact their mental or physical health. More Americans than ever before are addressing these concerns, but having a wide target market doesn’t necessarily mean clients will automatically flock to your door.

The best way for your clinic to reach as many potential patients as possible is by creating a drug rehab marketing strategy that encapsulates the sensitivity of the subject matter while ranking high on the search engine results pages for health care phrases related to your practice.

Striking the balance between warmth and professionalism and including all the major keywords in your content is essential. Unless you have employees with a lot of spare time and expertise in marketing campaigns, in addition to in-depth knowledge of mental health care, we’d recommend working with a digital marketing agency like Lead to Recovery. Professional marketing efforts give you the best chance of reaching your target audience in today’s competitive marketplace.

Google Ads is just as important as ever if you want to have a strong mixture of long-term and short-term marketing materials. While content marketing and SEO are strategies that grow in effectiveness over time, PPC can get you much faster results. By bidding on the right keywords and creating great ads, you can get more eyes on your business and inspire growth through our effective treatment center marketing services.

Social media channels are an essential aspect of any business operator’s toolkit. Not only does the public write reviews and testimonials for free, but these channels give you an opportunity to interact directly with your target audience. You can showcase your USPs by ensuring the messaging you post online is perfectly in line with your company’s values.


Websites like Facebook and Instagram let you advertise using their services, which means you can get in front of the right people more quickly. Facebook Ads are a great way to use social media, but don’t forget the groups. By creating groups, you can develop a sense of community and attract customers you might not have reached otherwise.

Email marketing is one of the oldest tricks in the marketing book, but it’s got staying power for good reason. With most adults in the United States owning a smartphone and using it regularly throughout the day, it’s a simple and effective way to get in front of your target audience. You’ll keep your customers updated about wellness and provide tips and inspiration while promoting aftercare and other offerings, and they’ll feel valued and grateful for the free information and advice. It’s also a great communication tool to alert alumni to upcoming events.

Backlinks are an essential part of your marketing strategy, but to truly fall into favor with Google’s algorithm, you need to get links from authoritative sites back to your website as well. Lead to Recovery has the time and expertise to develop incoming links to boost rankings, increase traffic and directly attribute to new admissions at your facility or practice.

Your website is often the first impression a potential client has of your business, and you can’t underestimate how crucial it is to optimize. When people land on an outdated, slow website, there’s a strong chance they’ll immediately bounce and instead find a behavioral health care provider with a better-looking, fast-loading site.

It’s not just about aesthetics, though — search engines like Google run an algorithm that ranks each website based on over 200 data points. Web design, including navigation, CTAs and formatting, is an important factor if you want to rank higher up on those search engine results pages.

In fact, there’s so much involved in getting your website listed on the first page of the SERPs that it’s an entire discipline: SEO. The time it would take one person to implement and manage all the different aspects of SEO is equal to at least one full-time job role — and that’s not including all the other aspects of behavioral health marketing.

Investing in the help of a marketing agency is the most cost-effective and efficient way of getting all these services done to the highest standards. Some of the most crucial aspects of search engine optimization include:

  • Improving UX and UI
  • Mobile optimization
  • Website design
  • Schema markup
  • Redirect mapping
  • Custom URLs
  • Blog posts
  • Local landing pages
  • Backlinks
  • Long-form website content
  • Topic clusters and keywords
  • Optimized press releases

Local SEO has become a bigger focus for Google in recent years because it helps customers find what they’re looking for faster. This is great for small to medium-sized businesses that can get onto the front page of local searches much easier than they could for searches without local intent. To do this, you need to optimize your Google Business Profile profile, its local citations, and ensure your entire website is fine-tuned for search queries nearby.

When it comes to online marketing, one of the most important factors is conversion rate optimization. This metric measures the percentage of website visitors who convert to customers or fill out any form on your website. While the overall design is vital because it guides people in the right direction, the quality of writing and content is just as important.

Content marketing is more important than ever in today’s marketplace, with most successful businesses understanding the value of making an emotional connection with consumers. By writing lots of well-written, valuable content and posting it online, you increase the chances of potential clients coming across it. If the information you provide is genuinely useful to the reader, they might bookmark the page where they found the information or explore the website further.

Mental health and behavioral health aren’t easy subjects to ask your friends and family about, so lots of people seek out answers online. Your business can leverage blog posts, e-books, articles and press releases to provide answers to these questions and attract new visitors to your website

How 360 Marketing Lens can Help your Addiction Treatment Facility?

We know that the processing industry is often, if not always, undervalued. They are directly at risk every day, saving more lives than emergency medical, doctors and firefighters, and still receiving a lot of bad news. Every decision you make affects the lives of your employees, your partners, your patients and their families.

However, this is an industry outlook for Addiction Treatment Centers, and these are the challenges that come with it. 

Why are you special To send a message, generate more organic leads, and save more lives, you need a dedicated team to provide a solid marketing strategy. Today, nothing can generate and transform as many leads as drug rehabilitation SEO. That is a fact. There’s nothing you think you know, and the crazy new ideas you can think of don’t change that fact.

Foremost. Do this now: Your website is your most valuable asset. But if it’s not a ranking, you can’t have a ranking either. Limit.
The only way to make your website a true lead magnet is to make sure your website is optimized and has the right content.

360dml-Help your Rehab
Ask yourself this question

Ask yourself this question:

Do you want someone to perform a medically-assisted detox at your facility? Why do you think can do a better job than us in SEO and marketing?

Risks of Hiring the Wrong SEO Team

Most rehab centers are financially struggling after trying to prescribe a gimmick to fill a beds. That’s what happens when you hire an inexperienced or dubious marketing company that offers to “get the job done for a small fee”. 

They get what they pay for,  and throw a lot of money on Google without getting one patient to their beds. 

If this is your story, You can turn around and do the right thing. 

We’ve spent countless hours cleaning up behind these aspiring SEOs, but it took weeks and resources to get our website up and running. I hate this because it takes. 

There is only one way to do things: Our way. And it brings results beyond your most unimaginable dreams. 

Risks of Hiring the Wrong SEO Team
want to help others

You want to help others. Why is it so difficult?

Despite major breakthroughs in medicine and behavioral science in the addiction treatment industry, drug overdose mortality is skyrocketing and appears to be losing the fight against drugs. 

You want to play your part, we all do. However, the behavioral healthcare industry is a very complex environment, with hundreds of factors working at once. 

Regulatory issues, insurance industry decisions, real estate market changes, sales or brokerage issues, situations encountered during the licensing process, difficult patients … you name it. 

If you are new to the field, you must first talk to a real expert in the field before investing your first dollar. The same thing happens with drug rehabilitation marketing and SEO. You need a way to make sure your bed is perfect in the year cycle. 

This is a business. Marketing and canceling can not be canceled in the same way that it can not save poisoning service. The more you invest in marketing, the more lead and walking body you get. After we take care of your marketing and SEO needs, you just need to be able to handle the flood of the query.

Are you an Addiction Treatment Investor?

Before entering the behavioral health industry, there are a few things you need to know. 

Every rehab center you are considering buying will have some kind of financial problem, and most of them are underfunded. That means it’s up to you and us, to fill their beds and keep them full. 

If you’re going to give up on healing, don’t engage in detox work. Success depends on excellent clinical care. We cannot partner with anyone who does not fulfill their part of the contract. We often say: don’t be greedy. 

You must know the company inside and out. Empty beds aren’t the only cause of hub failures. Poor management or lack of knowledge about things like CRM, billing and usage, EMR, insurance policies, revenue lifecycle management, and call tracking can lead to serious financial bleeding. and doesn’t even get us started on how rehab owners misbehave their marketing and SEO choices without thinking twice.

Be prepared for constant change. Once upon a time, you could survive out of network, but there is pressure to move into the network and insurers are making sure that those who don’t comply suffer. And now people are offering MAT, so it’s not a magic bullet anymore. 

No matter how good you think you are, if you’re unfamiliar with EMR, HR, or payments, you’ll soon realize how ruthless the industry can be.
The same goes for treatment center marketing strategies. Without a solid plan and the discipline to follow the rules, you might only get 40% census, and that’s optimistic. 

Every day, we put whoever we want at the top of searches. We can get you there and make you dominate all the local maps and get more calls than you can handle. But we only do it for the players.

Drug Rehab Investor

Addiction Treatment Marketing That Fills Beds

Trying to use Google to fill your bed can be exorbitantly expensive or insanely profitable. It all depends on whom you choose to partner with.

The most common mistake made by drug rehab owners is to try to do everything themselves. Most people start to despair when they see Google sucking up all their marketing money, with their beds empty.

You need to start getting more additions and keep your bed full. An empty bed costs $100,000 to $1 million annually.


Be honest. Addiction treatment is PACKED. Trying to rank for one of their key terms in Google searches can seem like an impossible task… If you’re working alone. There are more than 14,000 addiction treatment centers in the United States serving 2.5 million people each year. If you own or operate an addiction treatment center, you are part of a $35 billion industry and it continues to grow. And the need for addiction treatment remains unmet, as it is estimated that nearly 90 percent of people with addiction disorders are currently untreated. This means that the addiction treatment industry still has a lot of potential for growth. But it’s an online war, and it’s bloody.

Companies like ours will fill all those top spots in your niche and you can never beat them, or us for that matter. It will feel like a kitten’s fight for a mighty SEO company like ours, but a shark attack on you and your business.

The sooner you realize that you need a stable base and a partner to help drive your growth, not only marketing but also financially, and for years to come, the easier it will be for you to assert yourself. where is yours.

We are currently generating over 30,000 calls/leads/walks on average per month in the detox space through addiction treatment marketing and we are sure to have success again and again with the right partners. suitable in your area. Are you that partner?

The Right Mind Set To Addiction Treatment Marketing​

Many detox investors contact us because they think SEO is just a GetRichQuick program and all they have to do is pay to get thousands of leads and magical backlinks. 


Through various dark methods also known as black hat SEO you will get a VIP ticket to get slapped by Google aka Google Penalty and get de-indexed for long or very long time. 

In order to have a cohesive strategy for generating quality leads, you need to develop a two-way mindset: 

The Online World – Treat SEO and Digital Marketing Addiction Like Investments long-term investment while everything in line must be tracked, analyzed and cross-checked to avoid errors and success can be replicated.

Offline Worlds – Surround yourself physically with the best people in the business and let them be the best versions of themselves, each in their own profession, allowing themselves to grow outside your comfort zone by listening to success stories near you and trying new things all the time.

Treatment center marketing requires investment. While it depends on factors like how quickly you need leads and how many leads, ultimately you need a proper marketing budget that can only be determined by the marketing company. market, not you. All you have to do is break down the budget YOU CAN allot for the duration of the project and calculate it from that perspective. 

If you don’t know how to prepare, we can help you. But you MUST stick with it for as long as we deem necessary. No other way.

The Right Mind Set

You Must Have a Strong Website with SEO and Quality Content

The main idea is that whenever a potential customer searches for something related to their problem on Google, they will see your site in the top three organic options or in a map pack. But this almost never happens by chance. Google only selects sites that provide solutions to users, adhere to Google’s rules, maintain visitor interest, and respond across all platforms. And these are just some of the factors that Google considers when evaluating a website. Take a look at your previous self, for example: you’ve been to All The Way to  HERE! 

Whether or not you realize it, you’ve already exceeded 2350 words of premium content, the reason for this is that we write from experience.


1. You know we don’t make this all up.

 2. You understand that you are dealing with an Agency that is very confident and confident in our own voice.

To give you another example. If you only focus on PPC marketing, now you need LegitScript certification, which makes old lead buying schemes obsolete and quite dangerous.

This means you need to focus on organic traffic and SEO, NOW, NOW, NOW!!! A website with a proper structure and fast loading, a diagram and a detox SEO campaign has a good chance of ranking well in searches. However, this requires specialists with very specific skills and they don’t come cheap with us so don’t be greedy. If you insist on being cheap, feel free to take your cheap one to the next company you find when you research a drug addiction treatment marketing company.

When your website is designed with the best user experience in mind, when the content speaks louder than that of your competitors, when your brand is exposed to the public in a way that converts effortlessly, when your treatment center is focused on the wellbeing of your patients, when you
finally have the time to concentrate on how to perfect the art of healing patients, and have no financial problems on your head every day, you are painting a picture that sounds more like a badass brand rather than a tiny treatment center that struggles to survive.

We cover ALL MARKETING NEEDS: from running multiple drug rehab marketing campaigns, to getting you ranked in the organic SEO / Maps, to branding and exposure in all media outlets we find relevant. Get fully customized all-hands-on-deck support and coverage for your treatment center and its employees.

Understand this: all this here, it’s all REAL, we do THAT on a DAILY basis!

Look, we want to keep our growth going upwards, just like what you are trying to do with our help, so when something is working, and we know it is, we try to replicate it. You, the lucky one, if accepted, are entering a path of something much bigger than JUST you and your business. Basically, you can ride the VIP Triple Platinum Express train to succeed in the realm of addiction by accessing our knowledge, power, and ability to make the impossible very possible. So when sharing wealth, who takes you there, who keeps you there, and these three organic, golden, pristine, sacred three top positions in your area. Remember, who is most interested in taking you to an all-time top rank in organic / map location.

In the field of addiction / rehabilitation, the most powerful results come from organic SEO and maps. They dominate with iron fists and always win addiction marketing races. They guarantee the gradual growth and stability of businesses, especially local businesses. And they work. In fact, you probably found us when you were looking for help with addiction treatment marketing, drug rehabilitation SEO, or SEO companies that generally support your addiction marketing needs. Either way, I’you’re here.

Simply put, everything you need can be placed in a higher organic position, converting more leads into approvals than anyone else. All we have to do is want it. And of course, you pay us for it.

content creation

Focus on Local Addiction Treatment Marketing

Having a generic SEO campaign is futile. Stage = Stage. But a custom detox SEO campaign is an entirely different story. 

360 Marketing Lens takes a local approach and gives them some love and power of 360 Marketing Lens, while bringing any rehab agency to the forefront in the Google Map Pack. The use of the card is so effective that businesses see a huge increase in traffic within hours of being introduced on the card package. Psst…! We can literally get you there.

 Having your treatment center displayed correctly on the map pack is one of 3 ways to put you among the first choices for patients, organizations or referring agencies looking for information or help about addiction problems. In fact, 1 out of 3. This means that each vertical brings in between 30% and 40% of Google’s overall traffic. 

We can categorize maps like no one else can, we can make the impossible possible… Marketing with Google Maps is one of the most powerful and amazing ways to generate almost revenue. Instant for your business. 

But dominating a territory is only the first step. Detox marketing is meant to be extensive. Local leads are just the tip of the iceberg in this business. Understand this: those who never grow will surely perish because their competitors will come for them. 

A lot of detox leads come from other cities or states. They are patients fleeing negative influences, seeking out-of-state treatment.

Focus on Local
drug rehab marketing

What's the best part of drug rehab marketing?

You have the best possible clients. They already know they need you. You just need to make sure that you are the first choice they see in searches or when someone lands on your site, they take action cyclically. 

That’s why the most important thing for your business is a badass SEO and marketing company that can really get you there. It could be the difference between census 50% (or less) and 100% census (with exstra`s) 

You need to keep your bed full, and you can only do it by asking Experts in the field of detox what works and what doesn’t.

Some of the Advantages of having 360 Marketing Lens on your side

Completely clean up, modernize, optimize and cash your website. Get the top rankings in your area for all your targeted keywords on both
maps and organic SEO. 

Access a dedicated outreach marketing team and start building strong relationships in the field of drug rehabilitation.
A dedicated team of elite marketing, technology and SEO experts will be deployed to carry out all the plans you create and avoid potential obstacles. Implement effective, laser-focused local SEO tactics that get the attention you need from the community before expanding your coverage area.
Let our team work with your technical team, call center staff and admissions department. 

Get a complete picture of everything that goes in and out of your business, have a clear and deep perspective, and understand the true purpose of every element you have to face each month.
Get rid of the business of aspirants, hopeful thinkers, lazy people and selfish employees, allowing us to sustain and sustain the success we have built with you forever. 

It doesn’t matter if you built the most luxurious resort-like accommodation. If your website does not convince your visitors that you provide quality treatment, and your website provides a much better alternative for your website to your competitors. If you don’t convince, it’s basically impossible to rank it. 

And SEO isn’t just about writing some explanations and cleaning your website. There are over 200 factors that need to be considered before a website takes off. Every time you visit a new website, there’s a lot of work you need to do on the backend before you start designing. 

This difficult algorithm language because Google’s search algorithm and ranking system is designed to calculate all the ranking elements of a website and rank them by ranking them high or low in the search results of a query. Understand the concept of converting to a simple question : 

  • Is your site safe? 
  • Is your website responsive? 
  • Is your website fast? 
  • Is your website optimized? 
  • Is your website accessible? 
  • Is your website user-friendly? 
  • Is your website easy to navigate? 
  • Is your website unique? 

It takes a lot of work to fix on its own, and it doesn’t cater to anyone who feels they’re chasing the next glorious thing just because they can’t “see” the changes on their website. You can’t give up your work after you’ve done all the hard work. If it’s your plan, find another fool.


These are the questions most people ask when trying to understand how to grow a business. We always give cruelly honest answers. If you are not ready to hear them, you should not be here. 

How can I fill the bed faster?

Ads have the advantage of being able to act very quickly and we know them all, but in the long run we’re here because we only offer these other services to our partners.

 So SEO Guarantees a solid positioning without becoming a hole in money. The most common cause of bankruptcy is false advertising. The lack of a rehab marketing specialist means an empty bed and an empty safe.

get more clients

How can I get more clients?

Using a SEO-enabled website makes it much easier to rank high in search results. It takes time to deliver the results, but it provides an unmatched ROI. Don’t expect to be ranked on sites that are recently managed by amateurs. It takes time to undo their confusion and undo it. Or do it all from the beginning. In any case, you are not the only one. 

What about a solid addiction treatment marketing budget?

First of all, it makes no difference to burn money faster without planning. After reviewing the answers to the very detailed and well thought out questionnaires and conducting an honest face-to-face interview, we will tell you how much and how you need to spend. However, expect no less than 20% of your monthly sales.

Have You Worked in This Niche?

In short: We are alive and breathing SEO in addiction treatment marketing and drug rehabilitation. Currently, some of our major partners own rehab centers and they make more than 7 numbers every month thanks to us. 

What if I want to invest in traditional marketing?

This is your phone. We don’t recommend opposition to that, but compared to SEO and digital marketing, traditional channels should be given, not a requirement or alternative to the world we live in.

Work in This Niche
Own My Website

Will I Own My Website?

Yes. However, you must not change any shape, shape or shape while working with us. We do this to protect our efforts. We don’t teach you how to do your job (unless you ask us), no one teaches us how to do our job. If you try to break this simple rule, you’re done. 

Where should I invest?

 Inpatients, outpatients, or both? It’s not about how much money you have, it’s about being able to effectively manage multiple levels of care. We love it when the Treatment Center can provide all levels of care under one roof. Get all the possible advice, from procedures to aftercare and everything in between. However, if you are just getting started, give yourself the opportunity to learn the basics before you can chew more than you can.

Should I Buy or Build?

The lease is the safest option, but make sure this agreement includes the option to buy. why? It gives you more financial flexibility and a clear escape route when things go wrong. After a while, you will be able to better understand the situation and make more informed purchase decisions. 

On the other hand, building a center from scratch is extremely dangerous. If you have a solid financial base and sufficient information, your center will provide what many do not have: a facility designed for drug rehabilitation patients and staff. Getting it is not easy. 

Given the size of the investment and the risks involved, all beds should be booked as soon as the center is opened. This is what we are good at. It’s best to start investing in marketing channels as soon as the wheels move. You are fully functional and ready to publish a fully optimized website in time. 

This saves a lot of time and money in the long run and helps protect your investment by allowing you to start receiving leads a few weeks before the center opens.

Buy or Build

How much can I sell my rehab for?

There are countless factors involved when trying to evaluate your business. But the first thing everyone sees is interest, taxes, and pre-depreciation (EBITDA) earnings. 

You may be able to easily charge 3 to 5 times the EBITDA. Alternatively, it can be calculated based on the “per bed” value. We have seen businesses selling in 2 to 3 million beds.

A good way to increase this value is to develop a solid treatment center marketing strategy for at least a year before launching the center. This will increase your asking price by up to 20%, making it easier to find potential buyers who aren’t trying to crush you.

Where should I invest?

Many people are wondering what size their company should be.

As always, everything depends on your long-term business strategy. If you want to sell the center in 5 to 10 years, you need to buy more than 20 beds. ROI per bed is expected to decline as more centers move “in-network” due to pressure from insurers. In short, investors want to maximize their workforce.

In-Network, Out-Of-Network, or Cash?

When it comes to finding the best refund method for you, the answer is never easy. Out-Of-Network worked well until insurance companies hesitated to pay higher rates. In theory, paying in cash offers the best value for money, but if patients don’t have money, they are usually less than paying insurance. 

The entire industry is moving to an “in-network” model. However, we cannot recommend that you go either way until you have reviewed your numbers and created a solid business and marketing strategy.


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