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“Nowadays people talk about PayPal's founders as prescient geniuses who would inevitably change the world. It was, however, not so obvious that PayPal would taste its first major success by helping people sell Beanie Babies on eBay. But they had a vision, a hope, and the perseverance to try multiple iterations until they got it right”.
Eric Ries
American Business man

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Ebay SEO

eBay is the largest and most popular site for person-to-person auctions and sales. The customer pool is staggering, with over 187million active users as of the fourth quarter of 2021, offering great profit potential. However, most people trying to sell on the site may be completely out of stock. 

First and foremost, eBay is a search engine, and if you don’t understand and use it, you’ll be at a disadvantage to all other sellers who actively implement and use eBay SEO technology . You can focus on improving products, lowering prices, and providing useful customer service, but they aren’t optimized to be ranked high on eBay, so if you don’t see a release, most of the best products in the world. There is no difference. Search. You need to reach your potential customers! 

Having a list ranked high on eBay search is the best way to increase sales on the platform, which is special for better communication of offers with eBay search engines. It can be achieved through SEO, a combination of designed strategies and methods. Exposure of your product. 

More presence, more sales. It’s that easy … until it’s gone.

Learning how to use SEO effectively can be difficult, especially without prior knowledge of the subject. In addition, eBay specifically implements its own criteria for determining which list is ranked high when someone searches for something on the site. This makes good SEO techniques that work perfectly on other sites such as Amazon and Google less effective on the platform. 

And this is an important distinction that requires details. You may get traffic to the list from external sources such as other search engines such as Google and Bing, but this is a relatively small number and typically 1% of the total view generated by the site’s own search engine. Is less than.

For this reason, it’s important to adhere to eBay’s own rules and use SEO explicitly designed for your platform. 

So, to help you implement eBay SEO thoroughly and efficiently, we’ve put together a list of some strategies that anyone using the platform can benefit from implementing in their product list.

The first step in SEO for an eBay journey must be to research and select the right keywords. 

These are the building blocks for building the rest of your SEO strategy, as they have a huge impact on how eBay’s search engines select lists. It’s important to remember that targeting keyword surveys, especially on eBay, needs to be done in a slightly different way than, for example, Google. 

You typically start a keyword search for your website or blog using tools like Google’s Keyword Planner, but finding the right keywords that work efficiently with eBay search engines is more similar than advertising. It’s best to use the approach. Ultimately, we’re trying to find the exact words your potential buyers are using to find what you’re selling, and you’re trying to get them There are several routes you can take.

Ebay SEO

Study the product itself:

The first port of call must be the product you want to sell. 

If you don’t know what it is and how it works, this is a great opportunity to get acquainted with this information. Please visit the manufacturer’s site and check the specifications. Read some product reviews-pay special attention to people calling and explaining it-maybe let some people name and explain the item or search for it online Let me explain how to do it. You will be amazed at the wealth of valuable information available in these simple tasks. 

Remember that simplicity is important at this stage. 

Attempting to select flashy or overly complex words to describe your product can be counterproductive. Always keep in mind that your goal is not to make the item unique and different. Instead, the aim is to find a specific word that most people use to find something like this, and then find a related word that is also commonly used for that and may be a bit less competitive.

Once you have a solid understanding of the
product and how people see and think about it, move on to Phase 2.

Study the product

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Study similar listings:

Let’s start with this part carefully. Searching for a list of similar products on eBay is for reference purposes only. In this way, you can see if you missed something obvious during the investigation phase. Don’t throw away the keywords you’ve found and preselected just to copy commonly used keywords in lists that already exist on eBay. 

The reason for this is, firstly, it is more difficult to compete for overused keywords that are already used in most lists, and secondly, these lists copy / imitate each other and are low value keywords. Because there is a possibility of becoming

Having said that, examining a similar item list can be very helpful in gaining a better understanding of how others are marketing it. It can give you valuable insights and perhaps some choices to consider when choosing a keyword. 

After completing this brief survey, you should have a healthy pool of quality potential keywords. It’s time to refine it.

Study similar listings

The marketing approach:

The secret here is to wear the buyer’s hat as you pass through the pool of preselected keywords. It’s time to stop looking at our products from the seller’s point of view and pretend we are customers. 

If you are interested in a product, which word do you use as a search engine buyer? This idea can give new insights into better ways for products to reach their customers.

marketing approach

The numbers approach:

Once you’ve properly researched your potential keyword list and narrowed it down to the best possible options, use some tools to do some research. 

There are many high quality keyword search tools out there, but for the purposes of this guide we will use keywordtooldominator.com. This allows you to perform a keyword search three times a day for free and only works as an eBay search engine. Oriented tool. The tool is very simple. Simply enter one of the selected keywords in the left field (1) and select the target location in the right field (2) and you’ll see a set of suggested keywords related to them. What you entered (3). 

Rank each keyword based on the value of the suggested keywords. It ranges from 10 (the least popular keyword suggestions) to 1 (the most popular). This list provides a fairly solid idea of keywords that may be prioritized and helps you find new keywords that may be an exact match to the list while increasing search engine visibility.

 We will do this research on the entire keyword pool and summarize it into the best ones we can use to create compelling titles and descriptions.

The numbers approach

The Title and Description

The title and description are sections of the list under our control, making them an ideal place to apply the intended eBay SEO technology. 

Titles are very important. You are the first contact your potential buyers will come into contact with the products you sell. It’s also the most visible tool (next to the product photo) for clicking the list to check out, instead of the other options. As important as the title, but the process is surprisingly easy. With proper keyword research, you’ll have everything you need to put together a compelling title. Use the keywords that best match the product’s capabilities, and then incorporate the most effective keywords that your research reveals. 

But! You need to keep in mind that your title should attract the attention of human buyers and be related to search engines. Therefore, it’s important not to put together strings of long keywords that have little meaning or harmony just to rank them high. It is harmful in the long run. Instead, think of the keyword as a Lego block. Create perfect quality “copy” titles by coming up with the best way to compose your keywords. Think of something that catches the attention of potential buyers while covering the features of the product. 

Other title recommendations and restrictions:- The maximum number of characters that can be used in a title is 80 characters. Try using everything without overloading.

If applicable, please indicate your brand name, designer, or artist.

Adds item-specific attributes. For example, if you sell a blanket, include its dimensions.

Avoid words such as “wow” and “wow”. Buyers do not search for such terms and are deferred. 

Do not use all uppercase letters in the title.

Description doubles the functionality of the title. It is the first important information to interact with your potential buyers once they are on your list. As with the title, your intention here is to convey the features and features of your product as accurately as possible, while incorporating meaningful keywords revealed by your research. The description of should always be created using the promotional copy standard. Like the title, you forget that you’re not only writing for search engines to find you, but also to get real people interested and decide which product you want to sell. 

Some descriptive recommendations:

Start with the most important details that the buyer needs.

Repeat to add specific information such as size, color, etc.

Provides product packaging and configuration details.

Edit and format this section to make it easier to read and attractive with clear paragraphs, punctuation, etc.

Title and Description

Promoted Listings

eBay’s advertising format gets in the way of Promote List, a powerful tool for eBay SEO belts. Now, before we start this section, I would like to point out that for this to be effective, we need to cover all other bases. You can’t do it without keyword research and tweaking of titles and descriptions, hoping that advertised list tools will fill the gap. Appropriate keyword research is required to set up effective advertising campaigns that are actually relevant to your product and drive traffic to your product. 

Powerful titles and descriptions determine the effectiveness of eBay ads. Once they find your offer to convert a sale, they rely on you to actually do the best job you can to keep the buyer’s attention and interest. Featured list features basically work by giving eBay a percentage of sales in exchange for eBay promoting the list in various ads that appear in search results, similar lists, and so on. 

The higher the percentage of sales, the higher the exposure of the offer, the higher the rank in the search, and the more ads you will see. Suppose you sell your notebooks for $18 each and decide to run the ads advertised on eBay at 10%. This means you’ll pay eBay an additional $1 for each notepad you sell. Just set it up and your eBay listings will instantly improve your impressions and clicks. 

This is an indicator for measuring the exposure of your listing. There’s little reason not to use eBay’s simple and robust tools, as long as you factor in additional charges into your costs, as increased traffic leads to steady increases in sales.

Promoted Listings

Further ranking considerations exclusive to eBay

We’ve covered the main points and sections of the eBay list. These can focus on SEO efforts to maximize potential exposure to your product list and help you transform your sales. However, there are some other aspects of the eBay list that affect product visibility (both positive and negative), and I’d like to briefly explain them before summarizing them. 

30-day return policy will increase the number of searches. When ranking lists up and down, eBay’s primary concern is to efficiently match interested buyers with reputable sellers who can offer what they’re looking for. To that end, they consider something like a strong return policy that further proves the legitimacy of your product or service. By the way, without this return policy, the list will be pushed down to the search results.

Become an Active Seller: eBay’s search engine analyzes your activity as a seller on your site. That is, always take into account feedback, DSR (or detailed seller ratings), the number of active lists, and more. Frequent listings and sales contribute to your overall ranking. It is an advantage when you decide to continuously offer simpler items at lower prices along with products that you usually focus on in order to maintain a constant flow of transactions and good reviews

Don’t Convert Sales: Optimization will make many people look at your list, but be careful when looking at terms of service or product features (such as product availability). B. Price-Removes pages that are getting a lot of traffic but not converted to sales from eBay rank-down. This can also be a problem if the title doesn’t completely reflect what it’s selling. 

You’ve just covered the basics of SEO for eBay implementation and strategy. Keep in mind, however, that eBay is a huge and highly competitive area, and it can be difficult to get the results you want after just explaining the basics, depending on your particular product. 

If you’re not just an eBay seller, have a business that continues to trade on the platform, or want to increase your e-commerce presence by doing so, we recommend consulting with an SEO expert.

 They can guide and implement both basic and advanced eBay SEO techniques that not only make your list and product comparable to your competitors, but also give you a real advantage and grow your business faster.

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