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“Good SEO work only gets better over time. It’s only search engine tricks that need to keep changing when the ranking algorithms change”.
Jill Whalen

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SEO For Etsy

ETSY is a Peer-to-peer, a growing E-commerce website, which is generating hip as more people, customers and sellers flow to the platform. Our agency was able to place itself as one of the best options for people who want to emphasize their products online.  Other e-commerce websites offer the ability to sell something to your platform (eg eBay and Amazon) (for example, eBay and Amazon) and an online stop, and establish other storefronts I want to do it. 

 Instead of dealing with these important brands of tell a tale. Etsy did not mimic other sites so  that they can sell, but received an open craftsman’s receipt method. Sell articles of a unique factory. 

Therefore, we have received more than  54 million users, and we have recorded the sales of platforms on more than $193 billion platforms. If you use the product, it depends on  the platform.  But Etsy’s products are professional, and given the niche they work in, this site is ultimately just another search engine.  A search engine designed and tuned to connect sellers to products in the niche that buyers are searching for. So, in addition to their traditional focus and the unique part of the market they serve, SEO for Etsy is an essential component for shops and sellers on the platform to thrive.

SEO (Short for Search Engine Optimization) is used to explain the strategies, methods, and principles that can be used (and should be used) to rank a product or business higher in the search results of a website. It is a general term to be done. When someone tries to buy something online, they have to search for it. Etsy provides a platform where people search for a particular type of product and as a seller you want to see it first. This is called exposure. 

The higher your rank in the search results, the more exposure you have, and the more exposure you have, the more people will be exposed to your product and the more likely you are to change your sales. 

Exposure = Revenue = $$. 

And the best tool you have at your disposal to increase the visibility of your product is SEO. 

However, approaching a theme as broad as SEO can be daunting, to say the least, especially for those who aren’t tech-savvy, but it doesn’t have to be.
This guide provides a simple and effective SEO for Etsy strategy that anyone can apply to their product. Once implemented, optimization allows more people to find your item on the site and benefit from doing what you like. 

To make things even easier, the guide is divided into two large sections that cover key areas of Etsy’s SEO. Part I describes keyword research and how to implement it on Etsy’s lists, and Part II describes list activity. B. Up-to-date and conversion rate. It includes several strategies that can be implemented to help in these areas.

SEO for Etsy

Part I – Keyword Research & Implementation

Doing relevant and practical keyword research for your product is the foundation on which you will base all other aspects of your SEO strategy for Etsy. Your goal in doing this research is simple: find the best set of keywords relevant to your item so you can implement them across all of your product’s Etsy listings.

What are the best keywords? Simply, you want the words people use most often to find the type of item you’re selling (i.e. words with high monthly search volume) that also have low competition and stand out, and are closely related. as closely as possible to your article .
Quick example: If you make beautiful metal necklaces for your Etsy store and you choose “Necklace” as your keyword, you’ll have a very common word people use. Most used to find necklaces online. However, the large number of people also use this simple word in their list making it an unusable word for better ranking purposes.

Instead, you take that word as a starting point, and through your research you’ll get suggestions for better sets of keywords that relate more specifically to your product with less competition. The word meets all the criteria we’re looking for, but before we give you the tools to do so, you should keep some general guidelines in mind.

Only choose keywords that represent your items: Selecting “Bracelets” just because it has more search volume than “Necklaces” won’t work if what you’re selling are necklaces, even if they closely related to each other. Always choose the right word for your product.

Long-tail searches: In general, it’s easier and more effective to rank for “long-tail keywords,” which means that instead of just choosing “Necklace” as your keyword, you should choose longer variations and more exactly. Also meet our criteria, such as “Metallic Necklace”. Start with a list of options: Before you start using a keyword research tool, take some time and create a list with the words you would use as a client if you were looking for one. item same as yours. You don’t have to look too much; just a few is enough, as research will provide you with many more that are even more specific. At this stage, it is acceptable to use simple, broad words. These words will be your starting point.

Once you’ve covered those basics, it’s time to move on to the actual search engines.
The first tool I would recommend (and one of the most effective free tools for keyword research) is the Google Keyword Planner.
It’s free and very reliable, mainly because of the large number of people using Google as their primary means of finding information online, which may be how they find information in other search engines, like Etsy.

We’ve detailed how to use Google’s tool to do keyword research (Link to SEO Tutorial for BigCommerce) in other tutorials, so this time I’ll focus on one. Another tool works great when it comes to doing keyword research for Etsy, and it’s from Serps.com
Serp.com’s landing page will tell you their pricing and plans, but the tool we’ll be using is completely It’s completely free, and you can access it directly by clicking this link or by clicking “tools” at the top right of the website.

Once there, just start typing each of your original keywords in the text bar (1) and click the verification captcha (2) on the right before hitting the search button (3)

Tools will generate a list of suggested keywords (1) and provide you with valuable information to help you find the best keywords for your product. The volume column (2) gives you an estimate of monthly Internet user searches for this keyword.

Just browse through the list and check how the recommendations relate to your actual product and compare their volume characteristics. In the case of the example, the metal necklace has more mass than the rest (4 times), which may indicate that choosing this type can make it difficult to compete. Since we favor longer keywords (and a similar number of other suggestions), you can simply choose between “Metal Necklace”, “Metal Necklace” and “Metal Necklace”. metal pearls”, this narrows down the choices and makes it easier to choose the best one for your items.
Once you’ve done this for all your initial keywords, you must


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A strong title is the foundation for your product to rank higher in Etsy’s search results, and once you have strong keywords to power it, creating a good title to going with your product should be pretty straightforward, here’s the formula I tend to favor: [Main Keyword] [2 high-volume keywords] + [Recommended Value] + [Style or quantity, if applicable] Pick your main keyword (it’s the keyword on your list that has the most search volume, the least competition, and best match for your article) and use it at the beginning of the title. In my example it would be “Metal Necklace”, which is a great keyword because it tells customers exactly what my product is, and my research has told me it’s a great one. Set of words that many people use to find my product category. 

Add a few more keywords to enhance or provide more details about your product, and a “value proposition” or brief promotional phrase that tells potential customers about the benefits of your product. Finally, add details like size and color, etc., if applicable. So, for example, the title of my imaginary necklace might be something like this: Metal Necklace | Double Chain Necklace with Dragon Pendant. Ideal for evening wear. Black and silver.



Tags are another essential place to include your bases when it comes to implementing keywords on Etsy. These are basically important words (keywords) that you think have a lot to do with your product and that you want Etsy to look at and consider your list whenever someone searches for them or other things, or related words.

Now, when you have completed your research, you have more than enough to fulfill this requirement, but there are a few things you should keep in mind when doing this: importance: As in the title, use your main/the strongest keywords first, then keep adding them in descending order of keyword importance/strongest. 20-character limit: Tags are limited to 20 characters because we use long tail keywords, this may not always be enough, in such cases separate your keywords and put a few words in one and complete them in the next card.

Up to 13 tags per ad: This should be enough space to enter most, if not all, of your keywords, but doesn’t feel like you have to keep adding keywords just to fill a term quota. If you keep adding for the sake of adding, you risk diluting the power of your ads. Once you’ve finished adding your ad tags, you move on to the third spot, where the most effective keyword implementation is, your product description.


Your product description gives you more room to breathe. In theory, potential customers have already clicked on your list and are interested in your product. There is an explanation for the final persuasion. 

The main focus of the description is to expand the product details and information while presenting the benefits the product brings to the customer. That said, it’s an ideal place to double your keyword rankings, but it should be a secondary goal. 

I’d like to introduce keywords as much as possible, but only if they don’t get in the way and enhance what you’re already doing. It presents the product to potential buyers in the best possible way.


Part II – Recency, Conversion, and general strategies.


 When talking about recency, it’s just one of the most important features of Etsy’s SEO, as the platform puts a lot of weight on it. To keep your site active and vibrant, Etsy places high value on the new active list. Items that are stagnant with no sales or customer activity are interpreted by Etsy’s algorithms as irrelevant and, as a result, move down the search results list.

On the other hand, the current entry has a direct positive effect on visibility because it increases the search results. Etsy offers powerful freshness features that keep your list up-to-date and help you tweak it from time to time when you’re just getting started and may not yet have a natural presence. This is the update function. Access is very easy. In Etsy Shop Manager, go to the third option in the menu “List” (1) on the left to see a list of all your products. From there, simply click the checkbox (2) in the list of products you want to update, and you will be able to click the [Update] button (3) on the top menu.

Doing this will bring me to the offer (or only one) selected, the quantity (if adjusting this to the new available quantity), the new expiration date, and the caveats of this feature: 

  • The update feature costs money: it costs a few cents per entry on a regular basis, but you need to keep that in mind, especially if you use this feature on a regular basis.
  • When should I update: This is a completely subjective decision. However, there are some general principles that can help you decide when. If you’re just getting started and your product isn’t very exposed, it’s a good idea to update it once a week to get continuous bumps and keep your product showing top results. When an item reaches its expiration date, it’s usually a good idea to update it rather than create the entire list from scratch.
  • If you don’t update your offer: If you have a very active item with a lot of visits, a lot of purchases, and a lot of reviews, the offer is organic and you don’t need to update it all the time. The top result of this product anyway.
Recency, Conversion, and general strategies


Conversions are another key consideration Etsy considers when determining which products should be listed higher in search results, and it simply refers to the percentage of people who viewed your product,  and decide to buy that product.
Thousands of things can affect your conversion rate, and it’s not worth it to follow or obsess. If you have a good product, have applied SEO techniques to Etsy, and have a little patience, your product will start to sell and conversions will improve. However, there are a few strategies you can consider starting the whole process and get the ball rolling sooner. 

Related Products: If you have similar or related products listed in your Etsy store, you should link to the most relevant ones in your product description. For example, if you also sell a metal necklace-fit bracelet, we recommend including the bracelet reference and link in the description. If the necklace is already selling well, necklaces will be displayed more and vice versa. 

Get friends involved in your content: Having a few friends buy and review your products through the Etsy platform can be a huge boon to your listings. This lets Etsy know that you have potential customers to buy and rate your product positively and that it appears at the top of your search results. Offer Limited Review Discount: This can work in case of new product launches and limited production (e.g. it’s useful for product conversions and showcases. 

Etsy is now a unique way to do business in e-commerce, and focusing on niches offers huge benefits to both sellers and buyers, as evidenced by the rapid growth and popularity of e-commerce.

Surely anyone dealing in related products such as handmade goods and antiques must benefit. Applying SEO for Etsy is one of the surest ways to turn your startup store into a profitable business, doing what you love and getting paid. However, this guide only covers the basics of getting up and running. If your Etsy store has high goals, you can use an expert SEO service like 360 to eliminate the learning curve and benefit from advanced SEO for your items to be fast. Increase your visibility.

And remember that exposure = $$.



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