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“ Google Maps marketing is one of the most powerful tools small businesses can use. Here's everything you need to know about how to be more visible locally.”.
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We are the most persuasive, comprehensive, and efficient Google Maps Marketing / Google Maps SEO agency you have ever seen.

We come-in with:

  • State-of-the-art technology for Google Maps ranking and optimization services.
  • Unparalleled partnerships and collaborations you never dreamed of.
  • A ranking skill that literally blows your mind, it’s almost … like MAGIC.
  • Unique features that expand your coverage area and make your brand prosper.
  • A fully customized Google Maps platform and dashboard will make your life a lot easier.
  • We can create a map for you. It’s as easy as A … B… C!

Want to crush your competitors?

If you think “Yes!”, then Google Maps Marketing with 360 Marketing Lens is your best weapon.

 If you hesitate even for a second, we invite you to close the tab and seek help elsewhere. Instead, we help people who REALLY want to destroy the competition.

GMB (Google My Business) is the local search results control tool across the Google Maps, Google Assistant, and search platforms. Setting up and optimizing your Google Maps information ha never been more essential than it is today. That is… if you want to increase your business revenue. If you’re happily running a business with barely paying bills… again… we recommend you close this tab and look elsewhere for help.

If you are serious about growing your business and are willing to follow our rules in the letter, check to see if you are eligible to become one of our partners.

If you don’t know what the Google Maps platform is or how it can help your business, read on.

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We have inspired and motivated business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals around the world for the past few years, and we’ve designed apps that both boost brand awareness and drives productivity off the charts. However, we realized that we couldn’t help everyone. and the truth is not everyone is our match made in heaven. Therefore, we only accept new clients after an extensive screening process that helps us determine whether we will be a good fit for each other.

Why are Google Maps Marketing agencies important?

Here are some insightful numbers:

46% of Google searches are related to local information (GoGulf). 

84% of local searchers call or visit the store

61% of local searches lead to purchases, especially when you find you on your mobile phone. 

According to Google, four in five consumers are using search engines to find local stores. 

About 70% of today’s searches are on mobile devices.

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But what exactly are Google My Business and the Google Local Pack? And, seriously, do you really need Google Maps SEO Ninjas?

Google My Business (GMB), also known as Google Maps, is a service provided by Google that allows you to manage what customers see when they search for your business. With GMB, you can update your information so people doing local searches can easily find and contact you.

Local Pack, Local Map Pack or Local 3pack by Google are all the same. This is a service featured by Google that only shows the top 3 results from “map pack”. This means the first three businesses you see when doing a local search. They appear below the ads but above the organically ranked pages (sometimes below). You can easily see how loved/regarded these companies are. Furthermore, these presented cards are easily recognizable by consumers and are intended to capture their attention and provoke them to action. They can call you directly or visit your website, and even get directions on how to get there from where they are.

Google is continuously improving its UX. 2019 is coming to an end and even now Google is updating its Google Maps platform. They now allow you to truly customize the way you present your business to the public. Those who are not careful will surely fall behind.
Really, there’s no reason why your business shouldn’t invest in Google Maps marketing. Some businesses even rely solely on cards to run their entire business. It makes your website – and your business – more accessible to customers. And what business doesn’t want a steady stream of new and repeat customers?

You don’t have to dig too deep to find a series of how-to guides to optimizing your Google My Business listing. It’s all the same: make your site mobile-friendly, deliver great content, showcase your community connections, keep your NAP updated and consistent across the globe. Web series… ding… ding… ding…!
But that’s not us.


Why not?

Firstly, because we know for a fact that optimizing your GMB profile is never as easy as they imagine. If that was the case, everyone would be in the top 3. Chances are YOU are NOT in the top 3 of Google’s map packs if you’re reading this.

Second, there’s a reason the people at your favorite gas station never try to lecture you about fuel efficiency every time you want to fill up. Maybe you’re not in the energy industry, and you certainly don’t like Google Maps SEO.

Trying to teach you how to do our work is a waste of time. We want you to focus on what you do best, so we can take care of the rest. If you think you can do a better job with Google My Business SEO than us, that’s fine with us. Let’s do it somewhere else.

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Should You Invest in a Google Maps Marketing Agency?

 It’s not really an investment. It is more “necessary”. why? Because it’s your direct line to your customers and for many of them the only option you have. 

Think of the SEO as just another utility bill. You can’t do everything alone. You depend on your customers, your family, your employees, and your investors. However, it also depends on other entities such as power companies, ISPs and Google. You can’t do it alone. 

A business that properly optimizes local search for Google My Business will generate more sales and time. If you have a solid Google Maps marketing strategy, more customers looking for your type of business in your area will find you before they find your competitors. 

Want to grow faster than your competitors? 360 Marketing Lens is your answer. 

Comparing the cost of PPC marketing and social media advertising, you can see that Google Maps marketing is the number one in terms of ROI.
If we choose to partner with you, you can be sure to tell you that you can expect 50% to 1000%, and often much more, traffic to your website. .. In any case, if you play your card correctly, you will, in the worst case, double your work or become an absolute monopoly in your domain. 

Otherwise, that amount of traffic will cost you a lot via Google Ads or other paid advertising services.

Increase your local Google Maps/SEO ranking in Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)

Businesses that rank higher in the Map Pack can expect more traffic than those that rank lower. WORLDWIDE. Potential customers will see you first, and they trust Google to show them the results that best suit their needs. But it’s impossible to rank near the top if you don’t know what you’re doing and don’t have a Google Maps marketing agency around. Especially when trying to be in control of a competitive niche. 

We beat all of our competitors in all the niches we entered. There are companies that rank high, believe they were born on the basis of thirds, go by and tell people they have tripled. We are here to break their bunker and take over. Do you have a competitor in mind? Want to show them who is the boss? What are you waiting for? 

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You get a lot of traffic, but you know what better? Traffic that is very valuable.

We cannot say enough (literally). Most local people are ready to buy goods, call or visit your business. The problem is that all visitors will constantly the buying process of them at your door.

We have seen campaigns fail because they did a great job with Google Maps SEO and boosted their Google Maps rankings, but did the wrong terms and then their website didn’t work. can be converted. People visited the site, learned a little more about the product or service, then closed the tab just to make a purchase on a competitor’s site. That means hundreds of thousands of dollars could be better spent in one night in Vegas.

You need to understand the POWER OF SEO for Google Maps. ALL the traffic you get from ranking on Google Maps 3-pack converts at a much higher rate than anything else. Your presence on the map sends a clear signal to consumers that you are really a company that can meet their needs.

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Create and increase customer loyalty and brand awareness

Today, social proof is everything for a business. Especially for those who cater to consumers in a community. It’s the word of mouth of the digital age. 

This is how you gain trust. SEO for Google Maps is a surefire way to achieve this by providing a platform where consumers can leave reviews and rate your site. 

Some might point out that consumer reviews can hurt your business, too. However, reputation management is also part of the strategy of any respectable Google Maps marketing agency. 

That’s one of the reasons we don’t associate with anyone. We need to see what is hiding your business before we let you take a look at ours.
We need to make sure you provide great service or have a great product, so customers don’t mind leaving good reviews. Furthermore, we just want to worry about allocating traffic for you. You take care of the rest. 

The only question that remains is: will customers find you or your competitors first?


How can Google Maps Marketing Business help you?

Just as you know your business, we know ours. We can get you straight into 3pack whenever we want, for as long as we want. It doesn’t matter how big your competitors are or what they are doing now. If you qualify, and we decide to work together, we break every hurdle for you.

We have slowly built up a great team with a wealth of knowledge and wisdom that cannot be bought. We have cultivated the talents of our employees to the point where it is difficult to replace them. And we share all of this with players who are disciplined and serious about dominating their niche and crushing their competition.

How to Do Google Maps SEO The correct Way

Google Maps SEO and local SEO are two hot topics right now. Reason? They work. 

We’ve been saying this for years – for the benefit of our customers – and now the rest of the industry seems to have caught up. Businesses around the world are starting to have the absolute impact from an expert-optimized step like the Google Maps and Google My Business platforms can offer. 

When it’s done on principle, that is.
These platforms can give your business a certain strategic advantage over your competitors. By leveraging Google’s powerful geodata infrastructure, a company can compete with bigger, richer or not!
The best part? They can do this for a fraction of the investment. David vs. Goliath is not fighting harder, but fighting smarter. 

“Google Maps marketing has long been and will continue to be the primary source of phone calls and traffic for local businesses.” Guy Sheetrit.
But before going any further, let’s be clear: the ultimate goal of Google Maps Marketing and Google My Business SEO is to get your business listing first in the SERPs. 

How? A great question, it actually has three core elements that interact with each other: proximity, ratings, and reviews.
So, before we dive into the actual matter of Google Maps SEO, let’s make sure these things are clear.



Proximity is a big SEO issue for Google Maps. Search results are displayed by prioritizing what is closest to the person searching (as long as it also matches their query, of course.) 

For example, searching for groceries on the app Your Maps and Google will sort their list of results by how close they are to your current location. It is an essential part of the service they provide.

Right after location we have ratings, and since not everyone has location data sharing enabled or uses fixed location instead of current location, this could be an issue in great. In cases where real-time positioning cannot be used, the Google Maps platform de-prioritizes and fetches results based on other criteria. Things like your designated “home” or where you normally connect to the internet. Ratings are then prioritized.

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Clamming Your GMB Listing

Searching for the businesses or services/products you need using the Google Maps platform has become second nature for most people. It’s been a long time indeed since it’s advent. 

Inbound marketing may be the name of the game, but it comes with a lot of hurdles to overcome. The most important of which is to guide your potential customers through the buyer’s journey so that they ultimately buy from you. 

Google Maps Marketing offers a reliable alternative to this! Introduce a platform full of people directly looking for products and services to buy, and worrying about “overselling” them isn’t a problem. 

Google Maps SEO is all about being at reach, front and center, when and where it matters most. Show up prominently and professionally in their local searches, so they choose your business and services whenever they have a need. 

Plus, mobile domination is making these types of searches even more popular! This makes the latter of local SEO and Google Maps even more significant. 

To avoid wasting all that potential, you need to optimize Google My Business. And the first step is to confirm and verify your profile.


Create Your Google My Business Listing

You can’t get started with Google My Business optimization and Google Maps marketing if you don’t have a listing. So let’s start there.
Sign in to the Google account you want to use to manage your Google My Business SEO strategy, or go directly to the Google My Business page. Once there, click the Start Now button and sign in. 

You will see a screen asking for your company name, fill it out and click Next. 

Next you will see the address information section. Fill in each section as accurately and thoroughly as possible. Note: The checkbox marked with a truck icon applies when you are a business area type and serve customers at locations other than your business address. Checking it enables another checkbox that says “Hide my address (it’s not a store)” You should only check this one if you do not serve clients on your business address. Otherwise, keep it unchecked!

Next, you are prompted to choose a category for your business. 

Pay special attention to this part! Try to be as specific as possible. Take your time and find the category that best suits your business. With this choice, you tell Google in plain language what kind of services you offer and, in other words, what kind of customers you want to connect with. Make it an important part of your optimization strategy, and any Google Maps marketing agency that deserves it will tell you the same. 

Click Next and you’re almost done. Now you just need to provide more contact information. Namely, your phone and website URL.

Verify Your Google My Business Listing

Another crucial a part of your Google My Business search engine marketing process. Once you’re achieved growing your GMB account, it`s time to confirm it. That is, show to Google that that is certainly your commercial enterprise. You have some choices, so right here are the information of the maximum famous ones, so that you can determine which one fits you best: 

Verification Via Snail Mail:
Regular mail verification is quite straightforward, however it may take some time
Check that the cope with displayed is correct, and edit it earlier than inquiring for your postcard if it isn’t. Click “Send Postcard.” These commonly take round 14 days to arrive, so be patient. Do Not edit your commercial enterprise name, address, category, or request a brand-new postcard within the interim. 

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mobile friendly
Local listing 1

Verification by Email:

Similar to phone verification, some companies are eligible, and just like phone verification, make sure you can access the email that will receive the code before choosing this method. Just click on the verify button and enter the code you received in your email. 

Instantly verify business listings: 

If you’ve previously verified your business’ website using Google Search Console, this verification method may appear among your options. Just make sure you’re signed in with the same Google account that you use on Search Console. Keep in mind that certain business categories are not eligible for this verification method, even if they have verified a site in Search Console.

Optimizing Your Google My Business Profile

Once you have your new verified GMB profile - a digital storefront that fuels your Google Maps marketing - you need to optimize it. This will get you on Google's best list and increase your chances of ranking above the hot guys who are content with the default profile.

Completing Your General Information

Believe it or not, many business owners make the chilling mistake of seeing their business name appear on a GMB card. Well, that gives you an edge.

Adding and expanding all the information available on your company profile helps customers get all the data about your company they might need – neatly organized in one place. Moreover, it also brings two important benefits besides that.

First, you have your optimization benefits. The more information you provide to Google about your business, the better the Google Maps platform can accurately gauge what you’re doing. This leads to more relevant results – and indeed, better ranking results – for customers who may be looking for just about anything you have to offer. More info = Better ratings. 

Second, not filling out this information causes you grief. Any area you leave open represents a potential gap that you leave open. Unscrupulous competitors can take advantage of this and fill them in with false information for you using Google’s “Suggest corrections” or “Quick Reply” functions. 

Some sections that require special attention:
Company Description
Service Area

Take advantage and avoid potential problems by doing as much research and information as possible. as possible in your efforts on Google My Business Listings. Also remember that you can change this information at any time, so update it from time to time as you change aspects of your service.


Set Perfect GMB Photos

Here are some nice stats you should know from Google itself: Companies with photos have 42% more requests for directions to locations and 32% more clicks on their website than companies without photos.
Yes, having a professional photo of your business on your profile is a big issue for Google Maps marketing. 

Cover Photo: 

Business Cover Photo is an integral part of Google My Business optimization as it acts as the center of your business listings. Be sure to show the best aspects of your business and choose the ones that are perfectly connected to your corporate image. 

Profile Photo: 

  • Try using a photo with a minimum resolution of 720 x 720 pixels.
  • JPG or PNG files take less time to load, so stick with them.
  •  Google recommends inserting three photos: outside, inside, employee, room, and staff. In addition, we recommend that you include one image for each shared area and one image for each product or service you offer.

Add a GMB Video

Most tutorials tell you that your GMB profile video is optional. Any Google Maps marketing agencywill tell you it’s really like missing an opportunity. Especially on the subject of referencing Google My Business. 

The Internet is becoming more and more audiovisual. Higher bandwidth and connection speeds, even on mobile devices, allow for more seamless integration of video content with everyday browsing. The least you can do is take advantage of it when the opportunity arises. 

Add to that the fact that users are more likely to share and like video content and you start to see why you need to add videos to your profile.
If you’ve ever created some kind of promotional video showcasing your business, this is the perfect place to add it. If not, consider investing in one or signing up yourself. As long as it looks professional and presents your business in the best light, you’re on the right track.

  • Additional tips:
    Video must be 30 seconds or less. 
  • Keep them 100MB or less 
  • Try using 720p resolution

Nurture Google My Business Ranking with Reviews

Reviews are one of the strongest tools you need to encourage potential customers to try your business. The way to complete it and improve your Google Maps marketing strategy – because these critics are not in your hand – it may not always be clear.
Recipes to encourage your GMB records is to reply to the news, even if it’s just a “thank you” summary. Talk to a person engaged with your business and have the opportunity to leave an exam to promote others to follow. It also gives your business the added benefit of projecting approach-ability and warmth. It’s an all-around ORM win.

This is a basic template you can use to respond to good reviews, feel free to customize it further:
Hi! Thank you very much for visiting [customer name] We are glad you liked our [service name]. I hope to see you soon! 

It’s important to address negative reviews, as they can seriously damage your reputation if left unaddressed. Dealing with negative reviews requires extra care and thought, but here’s a basic template you can use to give you an idea of how:
Hello [customer name ]! We’re sorry to hear of your issue with [Name Service]. We appreciate your feedback and wanted to let you know that we’re working to fix this situation. (This is a good place to mention any real changes or improvements that might be relevant) If you’d like to discuss your issue in more detail, feel free to contact us, as we care about your experience and would like a chance to do it right. 

Interacting with customer reviews in this way is an effective way to motivate others to leave reviews, and these will give potential new customers the trust that they will also use them to try your service.


Google My Business Posts

Posts are another powerful tool in the Google Maps platform that you should take advantage of. Think of them as a platform to announce new services or interesting content that will attract potential customers to find and engage with your business.
Some type of agreement “AdvertisementMeetsSocialMedia”.
To create a new post, simply go to the Google My Business dashboard and select “Posts” from the menu on the left.
As you would in any advertisement, appropriate calls to action should accompany your messages, but using them only in this way will hinder their effectiveness.

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Pay Attention to your Google My Business Stats

If you have followed, at this point, your profile has been at the top of most other companies as the platform for Google Map Marketing. However, you just need to know a final feature that can give you a lot of Intel about the performance of your profile and the specific elements that your visitors replied: GMB Insights. 

Now, if you call the help of a Google Maps marketing agency, you will never have to worry about that. If not, that’s all about you, so pay attention. 

Insights is the name of Google My Business Plating providing their analysis, which can be viewed every week, month or quarter.
Some helpful statistics you should track in the Insights report: 

  • How your customers find your business 
  • Where they come from (Google search, maps, etc.) 
  • Customer actions (whether they clicked on your website, asked for directions, call you, etc) 
  • Views Photos 
  • Phone calls 

To see these stats, simply select “Insights” on the Google My Business dashboard. Although you can only view up to the last quarter on the website, you can also download eighteen-month reports.

Advanced Google Maps Marketing

With the basics in place, it's time to start focusing on the slightly more advanced Google My Business optimization techniques. Here you'll find a few tools that are a bit more sophisticated than we've seen so far, but can set your business apart from the competition.

Set up a 360° virtual tour of your business on your Street View listing

A favorite of many Google Maps marketers, it’s a complex resource that is often overlooked. 

A Virtual Tour is a Google Street View option that any business can set up and allows people using Google Maps Street View to walk in and look around their store. Friend. 

The technology works just like in Google Street View, allowing any curious potential customer to move inside your business by clicking. With VR technology becoming a necessity among affordable households, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand the incredible marketing potential this technology holds. 

The first thing you need is a set of 360-degree images that show the interior of your store. There are many online companies that can turn this into a professional one, and if you have hired a Google Maps marketing agency, they can certainly arrange one that can circumvent the restriction without fail. some companies encounter when uploading 360 degree photos on profile. 

Once you’ve taken care of that and have the image files ready to be uploaded to your Street View, follow these steps: 

(Note: Remember this technology is new and Google is upgrading continuously updating its requirements to show as “inside view” for businesses in Google Street View, and “look inside” functionality for “Google Maps 360 Gallery” will be gradually implemented.)

How to publish and connect 360 photos using the Street View app:

Before you begin, make sure your image is at least 7.5 MP (4K) resolution with a 2:1 aspect ratio and no more than 75 megabytes.


Step 1 – Publishing Your Photos

  • Go to your Google Street View app.

  • Under Private, tap Select.

  • Choose the photo you want to publish.

  • If you blurred photos, choose what to do to your published photo: Add blur: Tap the More button (three dots) and then Apply blurring. Clear blur: Tap the More button (three dots) then Remove blurring.

  • Tap Upload File.

  • Tap Publish. You’ll see your photo under “Profile.”


Step 2 – Connecting Your Photos

Your photos may be automatically tagged within 24 hours if you have created and published a set of 360 photos according to these distance recommendations, “Geotagging 360 photos” is enabled,
you have used auto-capture to create 360° indoor photos two small steps apart, and you used auto-capture to create 360° outdoor images within five steps of each other.

You can also connect them yourself by following these steps:

  • Open the Street View app.

  • On the “Profile” tab, find a photo and tap Select.

  • Pick the photos you want: Choose two photos: Tap the ones that you want to connect. Choose all photos: In the top right, tap the More button (three dots) and then Select all.

  • In the top right, tap the More button (three dots) and then Connect 360 photos.

  • Your photos will show up on the map as numbered markers.

  • Tap and drag each photo to the correct location. Swipe left and right on the picture to see all directions.

  • To try your new connection, open your photo in the “Profile” tab, and tap the white arrow.

Google’s Local Search Ads – What You Need to Know

The launch of Google’s new local search ad format, which Google itself called the “next generation” of local search when it announced changes to its advertising system a few months ago, has had a major impact on Google Maps’ search engine optimization.

Google Maps Advertising Services aims to increase awareness and exposure of consumers searching for services online by businesses by replicating searches on mobile devices. 

Works exactly like traditional PPC advertising, but the format and focus are especially useful for potential customers searching for nearby stores on Google Maps. 

For example, when a user searches a search such as “Nearby Taps Shop” on the Google Maps website, local search ads for nearby companies registered in the program are displayed at the top of the list and in different color pins. 

May be done. It will be displayed on the map. 

Similarly, if a user performs a similar search on a regular Google platform, they may also see ads showing the location of your business.

These types of ads also benefit regular searches. When users search for something on Google.com and click “Other Locations” in local search results, your business may appear at the top of those search results.


The benefits of these new programs are pretty self-evident:

  • Increase footfall: Having good Google Maps and local SEO has been shown to have a positive impact on the amount of departmental traffic you receive.
  • More calls and leads generation: Local search ads can be configured to include a “call” option using the phone number listed in the My Business profile, Acting as a hybrid either, you’ll get more customers asking about your business and increase your leads over the phone. 
  • Quickly provide additional information: The local ad format allows you to convey a lot of information about your business quickly. Such as store opening hours, customer review scores, address, and even photos. Everything you have optimized in your GMB account with this guide! 
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