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99,000+ Searches Happen Each Second, which translates to over 8.5 billion searches per day, and a whopping 89.5+ billion searches being conducted via google.  

Without even taking a look at this stat, we know that we’re really dependent on Google. Multiple times per day, we’re turning to Google to resolve our inquiries for us. To be precise, 84 percent of respondents use Google 3+ times a day or more often (Moz, 2019). 
In 2022, SEO is not about ranking for trending terms; it’s about being found when it’s most relevant. Our adept search engine optimization experts carefully research the right keywords for your business, ensuring you are gaining qualified traffic that converts to your bottom line.

Online Experiences


of online experiences begin with a search engine



of people never scroll past the first page of results


Product Research


of users research a product before making a purchase

Search Engine Optimization aka SEO


Can we just be real for a moment? You know what you really want, yet you simply don’t have the foggiest idea how to get it. Our SEO experts hear that again and again from SEO clients who contact 360 Marketing Lens Agency.

You’re logical here as a result of at least one of the accompanying reasons:

• Your site isn’t being viewed as on the web.

• Your site traffic has reduced as of late, and you don’t have the slightest clue as to why.

• Abruptly, your volume of incoming calls and leads has taken the downwards dive.

• You’re setting up another new site and need to rapidly increase new business.

On the off chance that any of these four trouble spots ring a bell, have confidence, you’ve come to the right SEO company. There’s a motivation behind why 360 Marketing Lens is at present serving many SEO clients and giving enhancement answers to answer Google’s consistently evolving algorithm.

So, Why is SEO Still So Important?

Most internet users begin their session by searching for something—that something is a need. People use the internet to fulfill their need for information, whether it’s settling a bet on whom the 44th president was (Barack Obama, by the way) or finding a local restaurant, the perfect piece of clothing, or the ideal contractor for a home remodel.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of helping customers connect with your business online through a variety of optimization tactics designed to increase your organic search traffic.

Our team uses modern SEO services, backed by the best digital marketing practices, to increase your organic traffic & search engine rankings for vetted, targeted keywords and long-tail phrases that drive business to your site. Search engine optimization services are the foundation for any successful online marketing strategy, however, finding the right SEO company can be a challenge. Let our SEO experts simplify the process for you by designing a successful SEO strategy that fits your goals and budget

How Does SEO Work?

Everything online begins with the search engines  (like Google). Each search engine tool sends out crawlers (for google, they’re called Google Spiders) to gather all the content and information they can from across the internet in order to build an index. At the point when a question gets through,  the search engine’s algorithm sifts through that index in order to provide the most important and relevant information in the search results, commonly know as the search engine rankings. 

Also, that is where SEO comes in. Optimization permits us to assist search engines understand what’s on your website, the value your business has to offer, and how you connect to relevant keywords. It’s the foundation that drives organic traffic to your website and strengthens every aspect of your digital marketing strategy.

However, significant search engines are continually developing their algorithms and strategies to satisfy rising user needs. That is the reason it’s fundamental to keep a manageable optimization strategy that is ceaselessly working for yourself as well as your business.



10 Steps to a Successful SEO Strategy.

1.     Your Goals


Our experienced marketing consultants work with you to define your digital marketing goals, developing an initial platform to start strategizing your SEO plan.

2.     Site Audit


By combing through your website, we gain a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your current position. Using an extensive range of SEO tools, we identify and prioritize the elements of your website that will provide the most benefit.

     3. Competitive Analysis    


Auditing your competitors’ actions is a proven way to distinguish your unique value proposition. This also helps our SEO team highlight your business’ strengths while staying in tune with the competitive landscape of your industry.

4.     Keyword Research


This critical phase involves an in-depth analysis of popular search terms, combined with useful insights into how your customers are searching. Our team analyzes search volume, competition, and opportunity through a host of keyword tools to identify the terms that are most valuable for your business’ growth.

5. Mapping Optimization

Our SEO strategist’s layout how your optimization plan will be implemented, assigning proper key phrases to the appropriate pages on your site. This crucial step ensures your customers find you when searching for terms relevant to your business, products, or services.


6. Implementation

Utilizing our research and optimization map, our SEOs apply on-page optimization to your website. We keep track of all changes that we make, helping our team gauge the effectiveness of our plan.


7. Monitor Traffic & Rankings

 We monitor how your site is performing by analyzing metrics collected via Google Analytics and Search Console. These insights not only show us how your site is performing but can also open our eyes to new opportunities or identify failures. It’s not a crystal ball, but it’s pretty close!


8. Refine SEO Plan

Using site performance data, we modify our SEO plan and continue to improve your search engine optimization. Studying your analytics data allows us to make necessary adjustments to your optimization and continue to convert visitors into customers.


9.     Content Creation


With our content marketing services, our team develops unique content targeted to engage your customers and perform in the search engines.

10. Reporting & Refinement

We continue to monitor and report your site’s performance routinely. This includes checking your analytics data along with your site’s overall health, allowing our team to stay on top of your site’s positioning in the marketplace.










Which SEO Strategy is remedy for you?

We were founded on SEO 5+ years ago and with that much involvement, we know what we’re talking about when it comes down to defining what searchers and search engines are focusing onto. Throughout the years, our perspective to SEO has adapted in conjunction with every algorithm update and shift in the digital landscape, prior to Google‘s “Fred” Update (unofficially named) occurrence in March 2017 to date. With new techniques, hours (more like days, turning to years) of keyword research, and a dedicated team that makes it a point to stay sleeve rolled-up on industry trends, we’ve been able to continuously develop our professional SEO services and create plans that focus on each business’ niche needs.

Whether you’re a brand-new startup looking to establish a brand, prophylactic-dated optimization techniques, or boost your established website’s performance, our team provides the tools, experience and knowledge you need in your niche to grow your business.



If you hope to dominate, you need a complete local SEO strategy that drives and delivers results.

Ecommerce SEO

Get clicks, drive conversions, and increase sales on your website with optimized eCommerce.

  • Product optimization
  • Site architecture
  • Enhanced eCommerce analytics
  • Brand awareness

Technical SEO

Technical SEO provides businesses with the foundation required to scale marketing success.

  • Backlink analysis
  • Website migrations
  • Schema markup
  • Image optimization

SEO Analytics

All of our SEO services feature a basic analytics package. If you’re ready for a bit more, explore!

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • User behavior data
  • Reporting and insights

Why Do I Need SEO?

SEO is everything, and you better believe it. Learn this the easy or the hard way. Either way it’s like gravity, belief in gravity is optional, we are all subject to it’s power. When it comes to SEO Services, if you wait until it is too late, then game over, there may be no coming back. We will help those companies who want to deliberately dominate in their niche. And whether it’s 360 Marketing Lens or other companies like ours, all those top positions in your niche will be filled by your competitors, and you will never be able to beat them. So let’s get technical.

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What SEO Opportunities Are You Missing?

Do You Know What it will Take you to Rank Higher?

Do You Need More Traffic and Website Conversions?

If you’re looking for serious business growth, or SEO, search engine optimization is the strategy for you. Why does it work? Simple! It targets the users that are most likely to convert on your website, and takes them there.

A custom SEO campaign from 360 Marketing Lens Agency provides an all-in-one solution to SEO (on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and technical SEO), so your most valuable audience finds you online without you investing hours of work.

6 reasons Why You Need SEO

SEO Can Deliver High-Value Leads

A recent survey showed that prospective customers who find your website via an organic search will result in a sale 14.6% of the time, on average. Compare this to a 1.7% close rate for prospects that you find via outbound marketing, like tele-sales or email blasts.
What you need to know: SEO is nearly 900% more effective than outbound marketing.

And it makes sense. When a prospective customer finds you while they are searching for a solution to their problem, they are far more receptive to your offer and more likely to buy. This is the very definition of a “warm” or “hot” lead. Contrast a warm lead looking for what you do with outbound marketing, marketing which is interruptive and forces people who are not interested to talk with you, i.e., cold leads. SEO wins by knockout.

SEO Traffic Beats Paid Ads

Our research finds that paid search, such as Google AdWords, accounts for only about 10-15% of all website traffic. Unpaid, organic search results drive 60-75% of website traffic. Which means paid search is only the tip of the marketing iceberg.

What this means for your business: You’re leaving money on the table – as much as 75% of potential website visitors and customers – if you ignore SEO and organic search. And know that someone is going to get that business. If it is not you it’s going to be one of your competitors.
And get your SEO wrong and it could cost you even more in terms of wasted time and money. So it’s not just SEO you need, it’s SEO built on the most current and effective techniques.

Search Engines Deliver Up To 64% Of All Web Traffic

One study analyzing over 310 million website visits found that search engines, such as Google, were the source of 64% of all traffic.

Social media referrals, like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, are now eating into that figure. However, organic search delivers the lion’s share of visitors to most websites.

Your Opportunities Are Expanding

According to Google, more than 50% of search queries are now done on smartphones and other mobile devices. But that figure is probably closer to 60% — and rising.

Which is good news for your business. The dramatic increase in mobile usage has brought new SEO techniques with it, such as local search optimization and mobile-friendly website design. That gives you more ways to get found in search than ever before, but only if you take full advantage of organic and Local Maps SEO.

The Halo Effect

When your website ranks highly in a trusted search engine like Google or Bing, it’s like appearing on TV or in the newspaper. Your business benefits tremendously from the implied endorsement that comes with unpaid visibility. In public relations terms, this is called “earned media” and it can be far more effective than “paid media” advertising, such as commercials or even Google ads.

SEO Inserts Your Business Into The Buying Cycle

Nearly all consumers research a product or service online before making a purchase. You know this is true because you do it yourself.

SEO can multiply your sales by helping people find your company during these stages of the buying process:

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Costly SEO Frustration

4 Costly SEO Mistakes To Avoid

1) Mobile-Unfriendly

Website search engine optimization involves much more than content and keywords. It includes the experience users have when they visit your website. And since more than 50% of people will find you on a smartphone or tablet, it is essential that your site deliver a mobile-friendly experience.

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Our Amazing Clients

Join clients who revel in 96% satisfaction

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Merita Ida Westley
Merita Ida Westley Dr.

We were very surprised by the way Joey, Charles, Paul and the team at 360 Marketing Lens works, it's the first time someone opens our eyes to what is happening with our campaigns and involves us deeply into the process, which now I understand the importance of why they do it they way they do, we are with 360 Marketing Lens for more than 9 months now, and we are very happy with them, they are the only company that provided us with raw results constantly.

Everette Baghdasar
Everette Baghdasar Ms.

This company is probably the best we have encountered as yet, we have been suffering from poor “SEO” experts by 5 companies that are known out there and yet all fail to deliver and overpromise the sky. With 360 Marketing Lens we literally had 100% interaction in our campaign, we were an active part of the process and still are always in the loop. We finally saw results after several short months with a continuing growth in sales. We are so happy to have met Joseph and his team of professionals, and we are not going anywhere.

Thandeka Janis
Thandeka Janis Ms.

We are a fairly big company in the auto parts industry, and 360 Marketing Lens helped us grow A LOT in the past 2 years. We would gladly recommend them anytime, anywhere.

pexels dellon thomas 2061082 scaled
Gracie Johnie Ms.

We started working with 360 Marketing Lens after looking for serious SEO experts, we found them in the top positions for most of the competitive words we looked up and after much consideration we decided to go with them, We can’t disclose too much but I can say that it is a beautiful relationship and we are most grateful for the technical knowledge these guys have. Overall just 10/10.

Spartak Sherman
Spartak Sherman Fr.

I was the one to locate 360 Marketing Lens for my University, and I am happy I did it. These guys are no joke, they know what they are doing from A to Z. no games, no time-wasting. Purely professional.

Oluwasegun Trish
Oluwasegun Trish Mr.

360 Marketing Lens chose a great name, because their results really all wholesome, and on point. I worked out an estimated ROI I’d get from working with them, and the results have FAR exceeded what I thought I’d be getting. First page results all over the place, ranking for wayyyyy more phrases than I was even expecting, and the traffic has turned into a game changing amount of new business for me and my company. Thank you guys sincerely!

Annalise Kristi
Annalise Kristi Ms.

360 Marketing Lens Ninjas have done outstanding things for our business growth and our online presence. Prior to working with 360 Marketing Lens, we attempted to run our own PPC campaigns with very low results (wasting a lot of money). After bringing in 360 Marketing Lens, who understands our needs and is very attentive, the phone is ringing off the hook. Thank you for helping us triple our profits! We give them the highest regard for their skill set and highly recommend them for any company’s website building and online presence.

Albasti Dragos
Albasti Czhek Cmdnt.

After hiring a few SEO firms over the years, with little to no results, I decided to give one more crack at it. I learned about 360 Marketing Lens while researching the best link building companies on Google, and found myself stumbling across their website. I was introduced to the founder, Joseph Ndungu, by one of his employees, and could immediately tell my experience would be different. Joey seems to have a knowledge of SEO that far surpasses that of 99% of the SEO firms I’ve dealt with in the past, and the results speak for itself. I plan on using his services in the months to come.

Flint Titus
Flint Titus Mr.

Really enjoyed my experience and will continue working with 360 Marketing Lens in the future. Much love.

Modesty Carreen
Modesty Carreen Ms.

It sounds that I am very buyest, but hee, what these guys do works. On a daily basis you see your positions improve, traffic get better and your store grow. We are happy bumping into 360 Marketing Lens, even though we are a Dutch company, they managed to get Gereedschappelijk the ranking we were looking for. And still improving…!

    SEO Services Page

    Digital marketing – and by extension, SEO – resides on a junction of many complicated fields of study.

    You got your obvious one in tech – Computers, communication systems, databases, programming, analytics. Then you have marketing & advertisement, and the slew of specialties that two entail. And you also have your entrepreneurial and economic fields, ROI, threat & opportunity assessments, asset allocation… the list goes on.

    All of them vital in some way; all of them present in everything an SEO agency does – Which is why it isn’t surprising that most people don’t understand most of what we do.

    Accomplished SEOs have to be fluent in all those specialties to carry out strategies that benefit their clients successfully.

    Read more

    SEO Services Page

    What does an SEO agency do?

    Most people wonder, “What does an SEO agency do?” Or “Do I need SEO services for my business?”

    Our answer is always: YES, you definitely need SEO services, because an SEO agency specializes in driving traffic right where you want it. Those who don’t give their pages any SEO love will always find themselves at the bottom of the food chain.

    This is very straightforward, and that’s how a conversation about SEO should end.

    But this time we want to give you the chance to take a closer look at what SEO really means and how companies benefit from hiring expert SEO services.

    One of the reasons we, as a company, closed our doors and only accept certain kind of partners, was that many think of SEO as a kind of magic formula to miraculously be on top of Google searches in a couple of weeks and make millions overnight. Unrealistic expectations lead clients to demand unrealistic milestones and results. We decided that we can only work with people who listen and understand what the SEO process entails.

    Read more
    By now, everyone knows what SEO (search engine optimization) is. The whole principle is not hard to grasp. It means increasing the visibility for a website or business in search engines.

    What many seem to overlook is how many factors influence visibility, and how much work it takes to create an SEO-compliant website.

    For starters, there are more than 200 factors that influence a website’s ranking on search engine results. Here is a small list of the most important:

    • Secure communication protocols (SSL or TLS)
    • Responsiveness
    • Page Load Speed
    • Schema Markups
    • Content Relevancy
    • Content Length
    • Backlinks
    • Image optimization
    • Data consistency (relevant for Local SEO and Google Maps optimization)

    The list goes on…

    Each one of these factors require a very specific strategy and specialized SEO experts if you want to modify them in any significant way. SEO agencies build task forces that work on these elements in a cost-effective and permanent way and provide continuous advice for their clients and partners.

    Most agencies focus only on optimizing websites for major search engines. For them, it makes sense as ranking for Google is usually all their clients care about. But this just shows they are narrow-minded when it comes to marketing.

    This first thing an SEO agency must do is to understand what conversion means to the client. Some partners just want to increase their sales on eBay or Amazon. Others want their restaurant to be among the top picks when people perform a local search on Google. At times, they just want to outperform Wikipedia in searches related to certain topics for academic or promotional purposes.

    Still, even when the client knows what their organization should be pursuing, it is common to see them overextending their reach and trying to employ every marketing channel they know of and then some. This often causes an uncontrollable bleeding of resources, and many don’t even know where their money is going until it is too late. They don’t even know what they invest in most of the time when it comes to their digital marketing and SEO efforts. It’s all a big blur of nothingness, and yet they keep on spending hundreds of thousands of dollars every month and are STILL trailing, lagging, limping WAY behind their competitors. This is inexcusable.

    First, a true SEO agency will always make sure it understands the client’s goals. They will gather information about them, their audience and the promotion channels they are using. The next step is to identify the most efficient channels based on the kind of interaction they want their visitors to have with their product.

    Once the right channels have been identified, your SEO agency will set your campaign goals.

    It is important that companies know their business inside out, and know what they are doing from a financial standpoint before executing an SEO campaign. A responsible SEO agency should work with companies who don’t know how to deal with the constant changes in their own industry. As soon as they start struggling with finances, the first thing they do is interfere or outright cut out all marketing efforts.

    For instance, we have been approached by clients with huge budgets, but we have had to say no to them because of their weak revenue cycle process management, and their unrealistic approach to digital marketing. Most of them are long gone now, eaten by smarter competitors like us.

    We take care of all the marketing needs by running a smooth, clean and WORKING SEO campaigns that speaks in revenue more than just words. But we require our partners to understand that, for this to happen, they must let us, the SEO professionals with a really huge track record in the industry, get in the driver’s seat. In return, we let you, the business owner, take an in-depth once-in-a-life-time look at how we do things and our own bottom line.

    We are not wasting time with people who will have financial problems down the road. We can provide answers and solutions and help our partners navigate the industry and the market. In other words: We WANT them to make money.[/expande

    Off-Page and On-Page

    Your website is your MOST VALUABLE asset. But if it’s not ranking, you might as well not have one. Period. The ONLY way to make a website a true lead magnet is to make sure it is optimized and has the right content.

    What is On-Page Search Engine Optimization?

    On-page SEO is the practice of optimizing individual web pages in order to rank them higher in search engines and bring you more traffic. On-page refers to both the content and layout of a web page. Both are important and can be optimized. (Compare this to “Off-page SEO,” which refers to links to your website and other external signals. For example, in your Business’ Google Maps profile.)


    Affordable SEO Packages

    At 360 Marketing Lens, we offer a variety of SEO services to help your business grow, both in relevant traffic and in ROI. Our flexible SEO packages are focused on building a strong foundation for your online visibility and success, offering countless ways to reach your target customers—wherever they are searching. When working with us as your SEO service provider, you can choose which SEO plan is right for your business in line with your digital marketing objectives. Our comprehensive SEO services work to fit any need and budget–from basic SEO campaigns all the way up to advanced custom SEO strategies designed to maximize your online presence. Explore our affordable SEO services and packages below and find out how we can help grow your business through search engine optimization.


    A flexible, low-risk solution for SEO growth – perfect for small businesses & start-ups

    Starting at





    Modern, cutting edge optimization strategies – all executed for a reasonable price

    Starting at




    For companies ready for an advanced, wide-reaching & dominate approach to SEO

    Starting at




    When only the best will do – We offer full-service seo packages to achieve your goals

    Starting at



    Do you want to know what It Will take for you to rank higher?

    Turn INsight Into Action

    Who knows? 360 Marketing Lens might be the best thing that ever happened to you.

    Join the growing 360 Marketing Lens flamboyant fraternity