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“I consider trial by jury as the only anchor ever yet imagined by man, by which a government can be held to the principles of its constitution.t”.
Thomas Jefferson

Effective Trial Lawyers Marketing Services

Trial lawyers marketing requires skilled hands for targeting those in need of a particular services. Law firms that provide litigation services are in or near the top three related internet searches by attracting people searching for the service, turning them into customers, and improving their advertising efforts to maintain a positive attitude. You need to focus your marketing efforts on transforming your views efficiently by converting them to clients. Monitor customer feedback and online reviews as people search your reputation locally and nationally, as well as demographics of your customers and website visitors to analyze your target audience and budget your marketing budget. To efficiently  adjusts accordingly and effectively to efficiently attracts high-value clients who need your service most.

We will try to identify marketing requested by custom, government marketing solutions and talk about people talking about and talk about their business. Our expert team specializes in the high and low investment (ROI) media plans famous for existing marketing practices, which optimizes your company’s brand and optimize more effectively with potential customers.

360 Marketing Lens, successful marketing practices keys are rooted in the basic principles of sales roots. Simply put, we know marketing. We understand what it takes to take your business to the next stage of growth. To achieve this, we integrate the latest digital solutions with a proven foundation to ensure a comprehensive marketing plan. It can be divided into 4 different steps.

 The Sales Funnel provides step-by-step guides on how to attract and retain customers. Think of your sales funnel as a segmented timeline of consumer behavior, a roadmap of the steps you need to take to call your business to prospects. Acquisition and conversion are the ultimate goals. let’s start! 

The first step in the process of reaching a sales goal is awareness. This is where people know about your practice. As a litigant, you want people to know about your business and legal services. In short, this is a large branding. It puts your name out there. Our goal is to keep you in the minds of potential clients. That way, when it’s time for them to seek the services of a litigant, they think of you. 

Attorneys tend to overlook branding as an important marketing step in favor of a faster and more immediate layer of marketing. However, lawyers should keep in mind that the average person usually does not seek the services of a litigant until the need arises. So far, general branding allows you to introduce your name to potential clients (ie everyone!), So they recognize you when choosing a lawyer. The stronger and more popular your brand, the easier it is to turn your leads into customers. 

The second step in the sales funnel is interest. At this point, your prospect is in need of litigant service and is looking for a company like you. He or she knows your brand, but you need to take steps to ensure that they can find you when they need you. If not, your competition may come before you! 

To achieve this, we strive to help your potential customers find you online. Our goal is to ensure that we deliver relevant, high-quality content and a strong online presence, attract potential clients and attract law firms. We need to sell your brand and make you stand out from the competition.


The third stage of the sales funnel is decision making. Now that we’ve captured your potential client’s interest, we need to take a few steps to make it easier for them to decide that your law firm is best qualified to meet their needs. their. People use a variety of factors and rely on a number of criteria to help them make the decision to hire a particular attorney over another. It is essential that we use clever marketing methods to help convince clients to contract your legal services.

With a healthy brand in place, this step is even easier. The final step is action. At this peak point, all parts of your marketing strategy are linked together and you can now call these people your customers. You have successfully converted what you started as a lead into someone willing and willing to pay you.

An important aspect of this step in the process is tracking results and traffic sources to understand your ROI and how you’re achieving it. Marketing analytics allows you to analyze the performance of your marketing campaign and optimize it further to increase your return on investment. We can only get better with time!

These steps take time. It takes time and effort, no to mention a team of professionals who know exactly what they’re doing, to run a successful marketing campaign – time most litigants simply don’t have. . For example, because Google regularly changes its algorithms to determine which sites are better served in the search engine results page (SERP) rankings, it takes an expert team of experts. Certified marketing expert to stay on top of your campaign and ensure its success. At 360 Marketing Lens, we are committed to closely following the development of your marketing campaign as it progresses to optimize it as needed.

A successful marketing plan addresses every aspect of the sales funnel to ensure maximum conversions. It can be tempting to skip the higher levels of the sales funnel to focus more marketing dollars on acquisitions, this mindset is short-sighted in an attempt to build a healthy sales pipeline. strong and continuous. Our goal is to provide short-term marketing solutions so those currently looking for a petitioner can find your business, and steer your legal action toward long-term marketing success. 

Our extensive portfolio of digital media solutions allows us to provide you with a complete marketing campaign to meet all of your needs. Simply put: we take care of your marketing so you can focus on practicing law.
Let us help you transform your business today!

Schedule a consultation with one of our marketing consultants for a free 30-minute phone or Skype call. This consultation allows us to assess your marketing needs and perform diagnostic checks on your website to find a chance to move it higher in the SERP rankings. After meeting with one of our advisors, you will have

A successful marketing plan addresses every aspect of your sales goal-achieving process to ensure maximum conversion levels. It may be tempting to overlook a higher level of sales funnel in order to focus more marketing costs on acquisitions, but this idea is short-sighted in an attempt to build a healthy and continuous sales pipeline. am. Our goal is to help individuals currently in the litigant’s market find your business while providing a short-term marketing solution to coordinate your legal affairs for long-term marketing success. 

Our diverse portfolio of digital media solutions enables us to offer comprehensive marketing campaigns that meet all your needs. Simply put, we take care of your marketing so you can focus on your legal affairs.
Help transform your business today!

Make a reservation with one of your marketing consultants via free Skype or phone for 30 minutes. With this consultation, you can evaluate your marketing needs, run diagnostic tests on your website, and find opportunities to move to the top of the SERP rankings. After meeting one of our consultants, you will have a clear idea of what works for you, what doesn’t work for you, and how to proceed. If you qualify, there is no obligation.
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Most people “find” a lawyer in a trial in the same way they would find a reliable doctor, plumber, mechanic, or other professional in an emergency. They want the best.
How many law firms and private law firms specialize in going to court or in litigating their salaries? These companies are your competitors, and depending on where you live, hundreds of competitors may be fishing for the same fees as you. You need to properly market your business in order to compete with other lawyers in your area. You need to invest in the future of your law firm.

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Over the past few years, we have created apps that inspire, motivate, brand awareness and increase productivity for business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals around the world. But we realized that we couldn’t help everyone. And the truth is that not everyone is our heavenly partner. Therefore, we accept new clients only after an extensive screening process that helps us determine if they are appropriate.


Legal marketing is expensive. Only a few decades ago, a purchase on the Yellow Page would have attracted attention and attracted customers. But as law firms get bigger and more national. Commercials are often seen on television during the day. They can also be heard on local radio stations everywhere. 

With the advent of the Internet in particular, it is no longer an effective use of marketing budgets to stand out with more spending. Selling online isn’t the easiest industry, but it’s essential for survival and prosperity. If you don’t spend your time and effort marketing your services online, your leads will quickly run out. Of course, internet marketing has also become a costly endeavor for lawyers. Competition in the legal field is fierce. All online lawyers near you are bidding on the same terms in the hope of winning clicks.

Content for Marketing

Differentiate Yourself

It’s time to explore the competition to differentiate yourself. They must find an effective and efficient way to differentiate themselves in the increasingly crowded litigation market. The best first step you can take is to search for keywords for lawyers in your area. The best part is that if you do it right, it’s not too difficult to get attention. In many respects, lawyers are the ultimate impersonators. If you find an argument that works, use it.

When you look at a marketing strategy aimed at winning a competitor’s business, they jump into it and use it themselves. This is the way you can notice. Don’t be lemming to use the same keywords, raise the price of Payperclick and match everyone else in your area competing for the same lead. So how do you actually do that? You need to create actionable action calls related to those who are looking for your service.

Next, review your competitor’s ad display options (if you’re using them) and develop better ad display options that leverage location, subpoenas, and website links. Send the missing traffic directly to your website. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, to emphasize the positives by emphasizing the differences from the competition. Use your reputation, your service, and any unique offer you have to make to trick internet searchers into choosing you over the next person.

Don’t monitor competition or waste time (lost billable time, what’s worse?) Relentlessly understand the marketing strategies of all other lawyers in your area It is said that. Find out where they are focusing and make your ads better than them. Then, after a while, see how they are copying you now and implement some changes to make yourself stand out again. Don’t fall into a copycat trap. Drive traffic to your website, convert those clicks to customers, and let your competitors copy you.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Our global team has many years of experience helping real estate companies convert clicks to calls and leads to clients. With 24/7 access to your development team, you can make real-time changes using the latest analytics. The 360 Marketing Lens team has one of the highest satisfaction levels in the industry. An amazing 96% of our clients are with us looking at the results we can provide. Contact us today to see what we can do for your real estate company or practice.

Make Your Firm Stand Out

Few marketing strategies can bring new clients to your real estate law firm faster or more cost-effectively than your search engine rankings. For this reason, we have become experts in search engine optimization or SEO. The SEO landscape continues to evolve and we’ve learned a lot in just a few years about how to increase rankings on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. As algorithms change, so do our SEO strategies. Our team of experts at 360 Marketing Lens  work with the most advanced SEO technology. 

We are constantly testing new methods and building new tools to increase your website’s SEO. As a Certified Google Partner, we make sure to follow all relevant rules in the algorithm while building your website to maximize search engine results. Because we work with search algorithms, not around them, your site will never be reprimanded by Google or other search engines for using inappropriate methods to increase traffic. your traffic. Your website will get more traffic from our SEO techniques and that can translate to more clients for your real estate attorneys. Our SEO experts are ready to assist you with our web analytics tool, which will show you how your current website is performing in terms of SEO.


Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC)

If SEO is a long-term solution to bring your website as close to Page 1 as possible in organic search results, then pay-per-click marketing (PPC), also known as search engine marketing (SEM), is a short-term solution. This is fast! With PPC, you can go directly to the first page. To achieve this, bid on keywords to place your ad on the sponsored list (located on page 1 of the SERP).

For example, if you bid on the keyword “judgment lawyer,” your website may appear on the first page of SERP when someone performs that search. You don’t have to wait months to set up your campaign. The result is instant. As the name implies, you don’t pay for ads until someone clicks on it. So why not focus on PPC and bypass SEO components while getting clicks on your website easily? The answer is that you want to keep the digital footprint as large as possible. Using PPC with your

SEO strategy can occupy more search engine space than your potential customers will see. Our goal is to introduce your company to as many potential customers as possible. We have the knowledge to combine your SEO with the perfect paid advertising strategy to increase your visibility.

All views are good views! With PPC, you can rank your website on the first page and at the same time improve your organic search rankings when someone performs a search related to your business in the Sponsored Ads section. Whether you use SEO or PPC, occupying as much space as possible on the first page of SERP will increase the likelihood that potential customers will click on your list to visit your website. ..

Local SEO

Online consumers tend to buy local goods and services. Logically, they tend to patronize the businesses closest to them due to the convenience of their location, among other reasons. This also applies to lawyers. Google knows that people search for legal services this way and has developed an algorithm and part of the SERP called “Map”. 

If you’ve ever performed a Google search for a nearby restaurant or store by typing “Restaurants near me,” you’ve probably seen the Maps section show up on the SERP. In this Tags section, several lists appear. As mentioned earlier, the goal of a prosperous online marketing plan is that your website takes up as much property as possible on SERP. Local SEO and Google Maps section allows you to take more real estate on SERP to increase traffic traffic chances on your website. 

These ads, including the ability to call the company directly from a one-click phone or mobile device, are essential to bring your website in front of those who are actively looking for your service. If a potential customer lives a few kilometers a few kilometers from your business or practice leading to finding a lawyer’s “lawyer” near me, “Do you want to introduce yourself in the list they see? Of course, you do it. 

For your business to appear in Maps, a few things must happen. First, we need to claim and set up your Google My Business page. We then analyze your online listing in the numerous online directories that Google uses to cross-check and verify your listing’s accuracy. The slightest difference in the listing can cause Google to penalize your site so it doesn’t appear in the Maps section. 

These steps require time and expertise in how Google works to provide results in the Maps section. We specialize in helping your business show up if and when people search for you and like your business. Let us help them find you.


Content managenet

Simply creating a website is not enough. You must continue to create high-quality content to keep your site relevant. This has two main effects. First, you can grow and grow your SEO campaign by creating SEO-enabled content. For example, articles and blog posts that are professionally written with keywords, headlines, and links in mind can help boost your SEO campaign. Second, this new content will allow you to engage more effectively and frequently with your prospects, thereby strengthening and strengthening your online brand. 

More than ever, lawyers are trying to establish a consistent online presence by creating content such as blog posts, social media posts, email blasts, newsletters, articles, YouTube videos and even webcasts. As a company, the parties to the proceedings should always strive to maintain this consistent online presence. Our team of experts can create custom, high quality content for your website with the aim of enhancing your brand and presence.


Online Reputation Management (ORM)

As consumers become more sophisticated about how they buy goods and services online, they rely more and more on online reviews to help them make purchasing decisions. The same is true for litigants as it is for any other service. Who doesn’t want the best in legal representation? 

More often than not, the overall reputation of a law firm is positive. However, it only takes one bad review and you will disproportionately throw away your entire online reputation and brand. While negative online reviews cannot be censored and deleted, studies have shown that a company’s response to a negative review can change people’s minds about whether they Should we continue to deal with them? 

According to HelpScout research, 62% of consumers surveyed said they are likely to change their mind after reading negative reviews about a business. So responding appropriately to negative online reviews can make a huge difference in how your business deals with negative reviews.
Our team of dedicated marketing experts monitor relevant websites for any negative comments regarding your law practice.


Use your Content to Prioritize Calls

As you nicely know, telecellsmartphone calls are the existence blood of a regulation firm. A click on for your internet site is a lot much less precious if it does now no longer result in a telecellsmartphone name for your office. Advertising for cell can be greater critical for attorneys than on computing device. Empirical information has proven that cell searches already outnumber the ones made on a computing device internet site, and this seems to be particularly proper for trial attorneys.

An easy manner to prioritize calls is to make use of name extensions for your commercials on Google and make sure which you have a 24/7 answering provider in region that could take the ones calls, take messages, and make sure that they’re being received. This may be an automatic message machine or out of doors body of workers employed to take off-hours calls. If you wait too lengthy to get lower back to a capability consumer and their telecellsmartphone name, even some days, then you definitely are much more likely to lose them. Converting clicks to calls is prime to getting new customers through the door.

About 360 Marketing Lens

Hire A Professional

If all of this sounds overwhelming, perhaps the best way to execute an effective and efficient marketing strategy is to hire an outside company that specializes in performing these steps for you. There are many marketing services that specialize in marketing to litigants, but it’s vital to the success of your marketing strategy and your company that you align with a team that comes up with a plan that’s right for you. your business and would like to work with you to develop a strategy that works for you and brings the type of customer you want to meet on your doorstep.

360 Marketing Lens Agency

Trial Lawyers Marketing by 360 Marketing

360 Marketing Lens acts as a Google partner that is certified directly with Google to meet your effective SEO requirements, local SEO and PPC campaigns. We are experts! Google knows who you are trying to determine which website for your user gives you the best experience. This know-how makes it possible to use the best marketing method to effectively optimize your ROI.

The first step is to consult with one of our consultants to evaluate the location where you can improve existing marketing practices. Removing a complex Internet marketing task stress, saving process lawyers to both time and money. Our model works. At the same time, while using the latest state condition digital solutions, it is rooted in the basis of marketing. With full service digital agency, 360 Marketing Lens offers a global comprehensive and fully optimized campaign to convert your legal and fully optimized campaign to convert your law office marketing measures.

Do not waste your time to tear your hair over the internet marketing eternal mystery. Test and right practice: Your marketing and Let’s contract will be focused on your business. We will quickly develop a plan to market your service, put your law firm in front of you at the right time, and let your clients reach you with that potential for your company. Contact us today so that we can start working together to help you find you and you can help those who need your service. We look forward to hearing from you today!

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Merita Ida Westley
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We were very surprised by the way Joey, Charles, Paul and the team at 360 Marketing Lens works, it's the first time someone opens our eyes to what is happening with our campaigns and involves us deeply into the process, which now I understand the importance of why they do it they way they do, we are with 360 Marketing Lens for more than 9 months now, and we are very happy with them, they are the only company that provided us with raw results constantly.

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This company is probably the best we have encountered as yet, we have been suffering from poor “SEO” experts by 5 companies that are known out there and yet all fail to deliver and overpromise the sky. With 360 Marketing Lens we literally had 100% interaction in our campaign, we were an active part of the process and still are always in the loop. We finally saw results after several short months with a continuing growth in sales. We are so happy to have met Joseph and his team of professionals, and we are not going anywhere.

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We are a fairly big company in the auto parts industry, and 360 Marketing Lens helped us grow A LOT in the past 2 years. We would gladly recommend them anytime, anywhere.

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We started working with 360 Marketing Lens after looking for serious SEO experts, we found them in the top positions for most of the competitive words we looked up and after much consideration we decided to go with them, We can’t disclose too much but I can say that it is a beautiful relationship and we are most grateful for the technical knowledge these guys have. Overall just 10/10.

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I was the one to locate 360 Marketing Lens for my University, and I am happy I did it. These guys are no joke, they know what they are doing from A to Z. no games, no time-wasting. Purely professional.

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360 Marketing Lens chose a great name, because their results really all wholesome, and on point. I worked out an estimated ROI I’d get from working with them, and the results have FAR exceeded what I thought I’d be getting. First page results all over the place, ranking for wayyyyy more phrases than I was even expecting, and the traffic has turned into a game changing amount of new business for me and my company. Thank you guys sincerely!

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360 Marketing Lens Ninjas have done outstanding things for our business growth and our online presence. Prior to working with 360 Marketing Lens, we attempted to run our own PPC campaigns with very low results (wasting a lot of money). After bringing in 360 Marketing Lens, who understands our needs and is very attentive, the phone is ringing off the hook. Thank you for helping us triple our profits! We give them the highest regard for their skill set and highly recommend them for any company’s website building and online presence.

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After hiring a few SEO firms over the years, with little to no results, I decided to give one more crack at it. I learned about 360 Marketing Lens while researching the best link building companies on Google, and found myself stumbling across their website. I was introduced to the founder, Joseph Ndungu, by one of his employees, and could immediately tell my experience would be different. Joey seems to have a knowledge of SEO that far surpasses that of 99% of the SEO firms I’ve dealt with in the past, and the results speak for itself. I plan on using his services in the months to come.

Flint Titus
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Really enjoyed my experience and will continue working with 360 Marketing Lens in the future. Much love.

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It sounds that I am very buyest, but hee, what these guys do works. On a daily basis you see your positions improve, traffic get better and your store grow. We are happy bumping into 360 Marketing Lens, even though we are a Dutch company, they managed to get Gereedschappelijk the ranking we were looking for. And still improving…!

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